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Mobile Webdynpro(Accessing Webdynpro Applications in Mobile Devices)



   Main aim of this blog is to execute our webdynpro applications through mobile devices.(Here I am using BlackBerry Simulator to achieve this)


We can use this off-line scenario in ordering the products, order approval and leave request. Here I am using Black Berry Simulator 8830 for achieving this target.


Black Berry Simulator – 8830 (Any version) Here I am using 8830

JDE (Java Development Environment) – jdk1.5 or greater

MDS (Mobile Data System)  

1.      First you need to install Black berry simulator from the Black berry site

2.      After that, JDE must be installed in your PC, so that JAVA Applications (JDK 1.5 greater is required) can be accessed.

3.      Then you need to install, MDS (Mobile Data System), so that we can access wireless applications in mobile devices. 

Black Berry Simulator:

Use BlackBerry Device Simulators to demonstrate and test how the BlackBerry Device Software, screen, keyboard and track wheel/trackball will work with your application. These simulators will also simulate behavior in various wireless network conditions. BlackBerry Device Simulators are great tools for testing, training and use in presentations.

JDE (Java Development Environment) – jdk1.5 or greater:

JDE (Java Development Environment) is used for integrating our webdynpro applications in Mobile devices. Without JDE, We can’t able to access our WD application.

Technical Requirements

  • Windows 2000 SP1 or later, or Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Vista(BlackBerry JDE v4.2.1+)
  • PC with Intel Pentium III processor or compatible (800Mhz or higher, 512MB RAM)
  • Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v1.4 (BlackBerry JDE v3.7, v4.0, v4.0.2)
  • Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v5.0 (BlackBerry JDE v4.1+)

MDS (Mobile Data System)

BlackBerry Mobile Data System (BlackBerry MDS) v4.1 is an optimized application development framework for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. It can dramatically reduce the amount of time and resources required to develop and deploy wireless applications for mobile workers. BlackBerry MDS allows organizations to deliver corporate data wirelessly, leveraging the same proven push delivery model and advanced security features used for BlackBerry email.

Technical Requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP
  • Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.x
  • Computer monitor with resolution 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Computer with:
    • Intel Pentium 4 Processor (3 GHz or higher)
    • 1.5 GB HD
    • 1 GB RAM



How can we practically achieve this?

1.Create your Webdynpro application for executing that application in the mobile device. Here I am creating my simple webdynpro application for leave request form with the name BlackBerryApp.

2.Create a component with the name BlackBerryComp with the default views.


3.Create an application with the name BBApp with the existing component BlackBerryComp.

4. Create the context with the name of Details with the attributes name, no,days.image

5. Design the UI elements in the layout as mentioned below. 


6. Store the details of the given inputs to the table “Table_Details “. 


7. Execute the application and get the URL.

Next we need to access our BlackBerry Device

8. Start your MDS in the Start Menu. Once you started the MDS, a DOS screen will appear ,  with the details of MDS automated configuration. Finally the MDS server will get started.


9. Then start the Blackberry simulator that we installed in our pc.

10. In BlackBerry Simulator, Go Browser and give the Webdynpro Application URL in the BlackBerry URL. (We need to type only, Can’t copy paste it)



11. The output screen will be appear in the BlackBerry Browser with a clear vision. You can execute your application in this Browser. 


12. Executing our application by giving the values. 


Now we can use our Webdynpro Applications in Mobile devices as like the method I have explained.Some of the limitations here are , We cant access all the UI elements in the BlackBerry Browser 8830. In the latest versions you can achieve this one.  

 Hope this will helpful for you people who are working in mobile applications.

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    • Hi Maksim,

         Here MDS is used as an interface between WD application and mobile simulator. You can see the DOS page which is need to be started before executing mobile simulator.


    • Hi Stefan,

      Actually i meant here because my application will works in our intranet only. As i wont give the URL as public. So i termed it as offline scenario.


  • Hi Satish
    Good Work.
    I did the same things as mentioned by you but I am getting HTTP Error 500. Do I have to set some proxy or other settings.
    Help me please.

    Vivek Kumar Mishra

  • Great Article Sathish!

    Its interesting that you can access SAP from a Blackberry. Its a surprise that MI is not blackberry capable. Since the NetWeaver Portal itself isn't blackberry capable, I assume that you have to go directly against the WebDynPro Applications instead of accessing them through the portal.

    However, with all of this (WebDynPro, WebDynPro for Mobile, MI etc) I am little confused with SAP's direction. How come SAP is delivering CRM on Blackberry while the MI is not capable of doing so.

    Any thoughts?


  • Hi, thanks for provide us this information. But I have a problem .. We are implementing a Mobile appilication for input and output data in SD, and when incoming calls in Black Berry, the session in server expire (Erros http500). And the user must to close session an reconnect to the server again.

    Thanks for help !!!