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Grantee Organization’s pre-award business processes

Hello all – recently 2 meetings were conducted to confirm our understanding of pre-award business processes for public services organizations. The meetings were held in Washington, DC and Amsterdam, and attended by representatives from 15 customers and 2 partners.  We would like to thank everyone for their participation and contributions to the meetings. Overall the meeting objectives were achieved.  We were able to confirm our understanding of pre-award business processes, discuss a best practices approach and assess a development priority for these processes.  At this point we want to provide an overview and request feedback from organizations unable to participate in the meetings to ensure we have a complete picture and no processes have been overlooked.  Below is a summary for review and feedback.  Please review the summary and provide a response representing your Organization’s perspective and priorities to incorporate with the feedback gathered thus far. In terms of future plans, below are the next steps planned.


  • Collect and include additional customer feedback received
  • Discuss the requirements with the SAP Development team to determine an estimated development time for the processes
  • Determine the upcoming development scope based on the customer priorities and development time available 


We look forward to your responses and ask that all feedback and comments are posted to the blog for others to view.  Thanks again for everyone’s contributions. 

Best regards,

Ulrike Kleifeld                         Keith Harmon
Solution Manager                    Solution Manager
Public Sector                            Higher Education and Research
SAP, AG                                  SAP Labs, LLC.
E       E


Meeting Summary

Meeting conducted in Washington, DC June 29-30

  • Customers attending: University of Kentucky, Purdue University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Tennessee, University of Nebraska, Weill Medical – Cornell University

Meeting conducted in Amsterdam October 15-16

  • Customers attending: University de Liege, EPFL, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, University of Leiden, University of Maastricht, University of Utrecht, University of Amsterdam, Vrjie University of Amsterdam, University of Leeds, University of Leicester; Partners: IQ for Work and Perfect for People

Meeting focus:

  • Confirm understanding of Grantee Organizations’ Pre-Award requirements
  • Determine Customer priorities
  • Determine Development scope for next development cycle (ERP 6.0 EhP 4 & 5)

 Who is involved in Pre-Award Processes?


  • Completing the Application and Compliance documents
  • Collaboration and Mentoring

Administration and Advisory Groups

  • Central services
    • Office of Research
    • Institutional Review committees
    • Facilities
  • Decentralized roles
    • Department Administration – Chair and Administrators
  • External groups
    • Sponsors
    • Collaboration with other Research organizations

Advisory Groups

  • Faculty Research Officer
  • Liaison Officer (NL); someone within Financial Dept; Research Services Division)

Common Business Processes


  • Projects and Proposals
  • Components of a Routing Sheet
  • Annual/Future forecasting

Compliance with Administration and Advisory Groups

  • Compliance committee submissions (i.e. Institutional Review Boards – IRBs)
  • Personnel and compensation
  • Sponsor and Internal certifications
  • Employee Time and Effort


  • Human Resources/Project personnel
  • Supplies, Travel, Equipment, Other, etc…
  • Indirect Costs/Overhead
  • Proposal details and summary -> future years
  • Help!  Inflation factors, Rate increases and adjustments

Activities/Related processes

  • Negotiations with Sponsor
  • No-cost extensions


  • Project overview (internal)
  • Sponsor application: on-line

Tools to support these requirements


  • Grants Management for Grantee
  • Public Sector Records Management
  • xRPM (Resource and Portfolio Management)
  • Reporting – BI, Analytics, etc…


  • Workflow
  • BAPIs, BAdIs, Services -> Guided Procedures
  • NetWeaver, Portal 

Region Specific requirements

  • Effort Certification
  • Sponsor electronic submissions
  • Expenditure Certification
  • Full Economic Costing
  • Framework Program Seven (FP7)

General Discussion points

  • Want a nice UI for the Researcher/Knowledge Workers
    • Basic master data for proposal/project details
    • Guided procedure based on “if/then” logic for “Routing Sheet”
  • Flexible workflow structure
  • Simply budget process
    • Enter high level budget with possibility of Personnel details that later roll-up and are summarized
      • Possibly a pre-posted doc in GM later posted
    • Sponsor budget and cost sharing budget all in 1 document
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