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Fun with Java Web Start

I was doing some R&D with Java Web start settings and got some different settings that could make fun while working with the applications based on Java Web Start. As PI consultant I have enjoyed lot with these settings while working with Integration Builder. 


Generally if you have observed, while opening the Integration Repository or directory (IR/ID), the Java Web Start get started. The main purpose and benefit of Java Web Start is to synchronize the libraries (jar files) between your computer (client) and the XI server. So, if there is a new patch installed on the XI server, Java Web Start will download the effected library files from the server to your computer before IR or ID is started. 


You might have always come across these below screens at start-up of Integration Builder,






If you are bored with these regular splash screens as startup for IR or ID and wish to change it as something like below…. It’s job of few mins….:-))




You can play with these screens while opening the IR or ID. 

See below steps  :
  1. Goto C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\lib\deploy

Here your initial path “C:\Program Files\Java” may be different based on your client systems. 




    2.   Here you will get one .jpg image “splash.jpg”.

    3.  Select your customized image and rename it as “splash.jpg”.


    4.  Replace the image in the above path mentioned in Point 1 (“C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\lib\deploy”)


    5.  Don’t forget to take back-up of this image to retrieve it back. (just again replace the image with original one).


    6. Now just close your application which is based on Java Web Start and re-start it…and have fun…with your own images as startup for IR or ID.


  1. The image size should not be preferably more than 100 KB.
  2. These splash screens will be applicable for local PCs only where you did the changes.
  3. The changes in splash screen will be applicable to all Java Web start based applications.
  4. These settings will not affect any of the functionality or feature of Java Web start in your current application.
  5. I have confirmed about these settings from Java Web Site, you can’t alter any other screens apart from this start-up screen.
  6. If you wish to do more customization then you need to develop your own Java Web start tools and that would be very complicated development.
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