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CRM 2008: Q&A with Presenters and other News from the SAP Insider Conference in Vegas

Hello and good morning from the SAP Insider “CRM 2008” conference in Las Vegas.

At 8:30 PST this morning, Bob Stutz, EVP and GM of CRM at SAP, opened this year’s top CRM event in Las Vegas with his keynote, which will be broadcasted later this week on BPX so the entire CRM community will be able to watch his presentation. 

For the first time we will cover this event online and provide the BPX community with daily updates of the event. For more information read my last Growing the CRM Community on BPX – SAP Insider’s “CRM 2008” is another milestone for the CRM online community. You can also find pictures of the event here.

While not all presentations will be made available online we have won 30 presenters to be available on BPX for Q&A. The Q&A will be in blog format so each of these presenters posted a blog with a brief summary of their presentation and both attendees and those who are not able to attend will be able to ask questions related to the presentation topic using the comment feature. The online Q&A will run for about two weeks.

For your convenience here’s a list with links to these blogs.

SAP Insider – CRM 2008 Post Presentation – Q&A – Presenter List: 

SAP Insider – CRM 2008 Post Presentation Q&A – Getting started with SAP CRM

The Q&A with presenters has been made possible by CRM Expert.

Stay tuned for more updates and event news in my daily blog from Las Vegas for the next couple of days.

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  • How about starting the titles with the subject…  In RSS there’s no way of differentiating each blog…  The title ends at Q&A…
    • Hi Eric,

      valid point. We haven’t considered the effect in the RSS feed. We wanted community members to be able to easily identify blogs related to the event presentations, so that those who are not interested in participating in the Q&A can skip the blogs and those who are interested can easily find them.

      I admit, we haven’t chosen the best way to do this Q&A.

      Thanks for pointing this out and we will do better next time.

    • Hi Chetan,
      We will post the keynote but have no authorization to post all 100 presentations.
      However, individual presenters may share their own presentation.