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Creating Search Webpage Process in CAF-GP

How To Create Search Web Page Process in CAF-GP.

For creating a search web page in CAF-GP, following things are to be done:-

1. Creating a callable object

2. Testing the created callable object in execution mode.

3. Creating the Action.

4. Attaching callable object to action

5. Creating simple process and blocks

6. Initiating a process.

7. Completing a process successfully.


    First logon to your portal through url http://<localhost> :port e.g

      1. Enter your User ID and password.

    Go to Guided ProcedureàDesign Time.

    Click on Create Callable Object.




       5. Go to ServiceàUser Interface</strong>àWeb Pages.




      6.Give callable object Name and Description and Choose Folder




      7.Create the Folder How To Guide and Click Choose.




      8. Now all the required information has been filled .So click Next.




      9.This window comes automatically. It shows successful creation of callable object. Now click Next.




      10.Click Finish and open.




      11.This shows the Callable object.

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      12.Click on Test tab.

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      13.The Webpage is opening successfully.

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      14.Click Complete and then Gallery.

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      !|height=189|style=width: 487px; height: 183px|alt=|width=587|src=|border=0!




      15.Now click create action





      16.Click create.




      17.Click on Action1 row. Select the folder How To Guide. Click Select.




      18.Enter the details in Name and Description.

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      19.Now Save the changes.

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      !|height=201|style=width: 482px; height: 180px|alt=|width=581|src=|border=0!


      20.Follow step 1 and 2.

      !|height=255|style=width: 472px; height: 237px|alt=|width=499|src=|border=0!



      21.From here select the callable object to get attached to action.




      22.Save the changes and Activate and go to Gallery.

      !|height=161|style=width: 480px; height: 171px|alt=|width=548|src=|border=0!





      23.Click on Create Simple Process.

      !|height=190|style=width: 466px; height: 182px|alt=|width=566|src=|border=0!


      24. Fill the following description:-

      ·        Process Name

      ·        Process Description

      ·        Block Name

      ·        Block description

      ·        Original Language

      ·        Block Type

      Select the folder where it should be created.




      25.Choose the folder How To Guide and click Choose.




      26.Now click Next.




      27.Select Use Existing Templates and click insert.

      !|height=182|style=width: 442px; height: 183px|alt=|width=550|src=|border=0!



      28.Click Next.

      !|height=173|style=width: 446px; height: 166px|alt=|width=534|src=|border=0!



      29.Click Next.





      30.Click Finish.







      31.Now go to +Guided procedures +àRuntime</strong>. Click on Start a New Process.


      !|height=299|style=width: 487px; height: 283px|alt=|width=576|src=|border=0!



      32.Select search process on Capgemini from folder How To Guide and click Next.




      33.Select Single Installation and click Add User</strong>. Put the user name in Find and click Go.




      34.Click Initiate.




      35.Now the search link is successfully opening. Click on Complete.




      36.Hence the application is complete.









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