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Assign portal role while editting it

In the ABAP world, while editting a role in transaction PFCG you can also do user assignment. This blog shows a possible way to do the same thing in the portal world.

The attached code can be used to create a portal component. This component is added to a folder in the PCD as an iView, with a name such as “Assign This Role”.

While editting a portal role, right click this iView to add it to the portal role under the top level folder as a delta link. Then select the iView in the role and use the “Preview” button in the role editor to launch the iView in a new window.

Here is an example where the iView “Assign This Role” has been placed under the main role entry. Below this is a folder with the “Entry Point” set, so the iView will not be seen by the end user. 



If everything works as expected, a window will appear where you can select a user or group and use the “Assign” button to assign the role to that user or group.

Here is what you might see in the popup window:


Remember to remove the iView from the role before releasing it to the user community!

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  • This is very interesting and a nice feature. However if I need to add the iview to the role then use it and then remove it would be about the same as doing it the old way….. But its a good direction towards SAP offering an easier solution…

    Paulo Poinha

    • Yes, I’d like to see it as a standard feature!

      Also, a role such as the following would not need to remove the iView…
      (.. shows indentations)

      Rolename (not an entry point)
      .”assign me iView”
      .Top level (set this as the entry point)
      ..Real iView1
      ..Real iView2