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Community is the Word

Community is the Word

If what you speak about publicly could be condensed to just 10 words, what would those words be?  Sam Lawrence conducted an experiment in exploring the top 10 words of some bloggers he was tracking, providing visualizations to illustrate just that.  He took datasets comprised of the texts of a number of blogs, concatenated them, ran them through a tool called Many Eyes and produced word clouds which in turn provided an interesting snapshot of the most commonly used words appearing in the blog posts of the people he choose to track.


When his experiment first came to my attention on twitter, I was fascinated and immediately wanted to experiment and see what my own word profile would look like.

While experiencing a delay in registering to the website, I discovered that Sam had already done the work for me by taking my “grannimari” personal blog contents of the last 2 months and provided me with a visualization.  


He was even kind enough to create a kind of “micro-vcard” as he called it with a picture (he had found one from David Terrar on flickr), and he carefully analyzed the top 10 words of my recent posts.

 Marilyn's Word Cloud


I was excited and inspired to think what such an activity would look like for members of our own community.  I decided to run the same experiment with my SAP Community Network blog. 


Interesting to contrast the personal and the “more professional” one as the bulk of my writing at present resides here, on SDN/BPX. 

What I discovered is that my signature theme words on my blogs here are quite similar.  Not surprising as often there is overlap and I have used contents that are  on occassion identical.  Here are my SDN/BPX words in the order of most used since November 2007:

Community 67
SAP 32
BPX 20
CSR 20
Social 17
Blog 15
Company 15
Corporate 15
Process 15
Sustainability 15

If you contrast this to the list that Sam derived, you can see that family, children, travel and the various cultures I encountered found their way more prominently into my personal space. 


But in both personal and corporate analysis, I was happy to discover that Community is my favorite word. 

What’s your’s?


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  • Good stuff.

    You can also check Google Eye to get a different set of results. More from a search perspective.
    For your Blog, the results are very similar.

    I checked for mine and it’s just that 4 letter w(ie)ord  ABAP 🙂

    I know I am embarrassingly late but thanks for tagging.


    • Thanks for checking this out Ram.  Forgot to mention that if you click on the graphic, you can also see the 2 word clouds.  I like the fact that the combination “community members” is quite prominent.  I tried the Google site you linked to and put BPX in there for interesting results around processes, modeling but unfortunately when I tried it on my url for my SDN/BPX blog, it when into la-la land.