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This blog is usefull for those working on CRM and have been struggling to find out reasons why the correct data is not getting posted to ECC. Here are a few simple steps on how to debug CRM middleware. Its difficult only till you read this document. I am taking an example of a Sales Document posting to ECC. You can use the same technique to debug the middleware for other documents getting posted to ECC. Here we go….  *Step1.*   Ensure subscription set-up in SMOEAC. Need to ensure that subscription Business Transaction message is created and assigned to R/3 site!file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/AGGARWL/My%20Documents/image%201.bmp|height=1|alt=Step 1|align=baseline|width=1|src=file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/AGGARWL/My%20Documents/image%201.bmp|border=0!image *Step2.* *Step 3*  Trigger change or create new sales document in CRM. If queue in Unregistered this will place an entry in SMQ2 for that order e.g. R3AUORDER_1000000640 in this case, with the transaction number just created / changed.image”      *Step 4*   View sales document change in CRM outbound queue SMQ1  image”    *Step5*  Click on entry with display entry in queue with STATUS ready  image”   *Step6*   To enable debug, double click on queue name field.  image”   Select the queue entry and hit the icon Debug LUW this will take into debug modeimage     *Step7*  This will enable you to debug outbound sales documents  ** Continue with F8. ** In this module, the filtering and mapping and the call to the R/3 system (BAPI_SALESDOCU_PROXY_UPLOAD) occurs. ** The call to the R/3 system is performed via module BAPI_SALESDOCU_PROXY_UPLOAD. You can call this module in two different modes: Asynchronous (that is, in the background, which is disadvantageous for debugging), or synchronous (that is, directly). The second method is appropriate for debugging directly to the R/3 system (without a queue). For this purpose, parameter GV_SYNCHRONOUS_CALL must be set to ‘X’ (preferably immediately before the call of BAPI_SALESDOCU_PROXY_UPLOAD). ** If you use the synchronous method, you can select setting ‘In background task: Do not process’ in the debugger. In this case, the document should stop in the queue. ** Then it is possible to set a breakpoint in certain function modules, for example: CRMC_OUTPUT_BASIS_MAP_SAVE or MAP_BAPIMTCS_CUSTOMIZING… Breakpoints can also be set at the particular statement like MESSAGE or RAISE or COMMIT.    *Step8*    After finishing debugging *Register Queue* again  When finished debugging remember to register the CRM outbound queue again using SMQS in CRM.  Highlight relevant destination and select registrationimage
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    Hi Lokesh
    First of all, congratulations for publishing such a useful blog 🙂
    Pictorial depiction in the blog makes things lot simpler..
    Expecting more of such blogs from you to enlighten us in the near future.
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