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Did you ever wonder how you can change the client of a SAP Business System and it’s related communication channels?

One might think that changing the client in the communication channel (sender and/or receiver) is enough.
Unfortunately this is not the case. If you change only the client in the communication channel you’ll get the following error: “lookup of alternativeServiceIdentifier via CPA-cache failed for channel XYZ”

It took me a while to figure this out, but finally I got it.

Two options:
a) Either you create a new business system in the SLD and you restart the configuration of all your scenarios, or
b) You change the client from the business system in the SLD

I definitely didn’t want to go for option 1, as it meant that I had to redo a lot of scenarios (sender agreement, receiver determination etc.). I would have lost significant time and the configuration work is subject to errors as well which would have meant retesting all of the flows.

Therefore I explain in this thread option (b)

1) In the SLD in the Technical Systems area, create a new client for the Web AS ABAP system.
2) In the SLD in the Business Systems area, click on the system that is to be associated with a new client.
3) Click on the Integration tab
4) Change the associated technical system and choose your new client

remark: the name of the business system might be somehow misleading if you specified the client as part of its name.

Integration Directory:
1) Edit the Business System
2) In the top-level navigation (right area), click on Service and Adapter-Specific Identifiers
3) Click on the button ‘Compare with System Landscape Directory’. Note that this button is only visisle in Edit mode, not in View mode
4) Assign the new client to the communication channels related to the business system.
5) Activate Changes

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  1. Bhavesh Kantilal
    Hi Danny,
    The Step 1 to delete the Business System is not needed. Instead, clear the SLD data cache in the ID and then Open the Business System , Adapter Specific Attributes and click on the Button that has a tool tip, compare to SLD and the new Logical System Name from the SLD is now picked up.

    This is illustrated in this blog by Michal,
    The specified item was not found.

    This is in no way to say that this blog wouldn’t help the community though.


    1. Danny De Roovere Post author
      Thx for your reply Bhavesh.
      Good to know that there is a button “Compare with SLD”. I didn’t find it because it’s not visible in view-mode ๐Ÿ™
      1. Former Member

        Just one point on deletion even deletion and activation of business system is same as Point A because when you delete buiness system we cant activate it because it has been used in Reciver determination and Sender or reciver agreement and Interface determination so we have delete it or remove from scenario.It would be great if you can add in your blog instead of deletion click on adapter update SLD and goto specific atrributes and update it which bhavesh said.

        This blog is good help for people while in Testing from clients specially.



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