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Broadcasting runs across the entire BEx Suite and uses a consistent interface for the creation of settings regardless of the tool in which the broadcast is being defined. Broadcast can come from any SAP BI DataSource, but also non-Sap DataSources can be used a broadcast. Source data can be read in real time of the broadcast, the data does not need to reside in BI to be accessible by the Broadcaster.


As all of you know, BEx Broadcaster is used to distribute:

  • Query
  • Web Template
  • Query View
  • Report ( Formatted reports )
  • Workbook the reports

To different Targets like: 

  • BW roles, BW users, Email addresses,
  • SAP Enterprise Portal Knowledge Management folders
  • SAP Enterprise Portal Collaboration Rooms
  • Master Data based broadcasting- Broadcast to recipients derived from BW master data and optionally adapt the output format for each recipient
  • Exception Broadcasting
  • Printer
  • Cache etc.

In different output formats like:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • XML
  • Online Link to current Data    


As well as report developers defining the broadcast settings as design time, users can also create their own broadcast settings at run time. To help the user, particularly the casual user, the Broadcast Wizard is available. The Broadcast Wizard takes you through a series of prompts where you supply the key information required to develop a broadcast. At any time you can leave the Wizard and use the standard settings dialogs which offer more settings. Settings created with the Wizard can be maintained with the Broadcaster.


Note: “Casual” users, non-BW users, travelling users, and executives are all prime candidates for broadcasted reports!


Here, we will see how variables are used while broadcasting the Queries to the Portal in BI 7.


1. Open a Query




Click on Create New Settings or Create New Settings with the Wizard.

Continue with the windows by giving the Technical name and descriptions.

Select the Distribution type and Output format.


2. Specify the target in the Portal




3. Give description and Importance.

    Here you can type a message to the user/members.




Way to define the Variables and Variants


4. Click on the General Precalculation tab


      To create variables select the Radio button DETERMINE HERE

      Select VAR_01 from the list box and click on create.




5. Enter the value for the variable in the Pop-up window.

    Here you can save this value as a Variant too by clicking on SAVE AS.





6. If you already have the Variants you can pick them by selecting the radio button







If you select the Check box ONLY UPON DATA CHANGE then the broadcast will only be sent if the data has changed since the last broadcast sent with this setting. Here the prerequisite is that this broadcast setting has not been modified since the first broadcast. With this you can easily avoid resending the same broadcast data to individuals.


7. Now save the settings.

    Click on Execute to run the Query immediately or if you want to schedule it go with

    the Schedule option.





  • RSRD_START: Using this Tcode you can execute and test any settings. Make sure that the indicator for Execute Online is activated




  • RSRD_ADMIN: This interface gives access to various reports and tools in the broadcasting environment.



Click on settings




Give the technical name and Created by






From here also, you can change and schedule the settings





  1. Control the times users can run reports to avoid too high stress on the system.
  2. Broadcasting to a portal simplifies the distribution, but be careful with links to workbooks.
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  1. Former Member
    Great Blog, I have been struggling with broadcasting a query for the current day on a recurring schedule. I have a variable setup to derive the current day and when I run my broadcast setting it still sends on the day I created the setting. Do you have any idea what I could be doing wrong?
    1. Former Member Post author
      Dear michael,

      Thank you.

      Here we are telling the system to send A standalone (pre-calculated) version of the item based on our settings.

      Even I am also looking for the same option which will update the variable current value ( Sy-Datum ) without changing the settings. I am exploring on that will update u soon.

      If the same problem exists, if possible, try with the Output format ONLINE LINK TO CURRENT DATA. The link back to the on-line source (requires users to log on with their credentials to see the content, but can see the latest data). This is the most secure method for protecting the access to your date. However, the recipient must have on-line access back to your system, have a username and password.

      Ramkumar Ghattamaneni.

      1. Former Member
        Hi Ramkumar,

        It is a quiet useful blog for information broadcasting. But I’m running into the same problem with you, and other SDN users here. And that’s how we can enable an automatic refresh of the time variables for daily running, instead have a static time values in the information broadcasting setting.
        Really appreciate if anyone could provide some clue.


        1. Former Member
          Hey Guys,

          Has anyone been able to find a solution to this one – scheduling the report as recurring, with the date variable defaulting to the current day/previous day, as opposed to the date when the schedule was initially set.


  2. Former Member
    Thanks Ram!  This blog is very helpful…the community thanks you. 

    I have one question about your system and here’s why.  When I get to step 4 of your blog, and click create, I get a window that opens the default adhoc template 0analyzer_pattern.  My system is a recent upgrade and the 3.5 broadcaster seems to work fine.  It is only with the new broadcaster that we get this behavior.  I have done some research and it appears I need to install a patch for my particular installation.

    I have SPS 13 installed and believe I need patch 6.

    What SPS are you using on your system.  It could be we have a configuration error and don’t need the patch. 
    If you have 13 as well, I have some more digging to do.
    Thanks in advance for the information.


      1. Former Member
        No worries about the delay.  I appreciate you taking the time to respond.  I understand you have Support Pack 12 for the SAP_BW component on the ABAP Stack.  My question was more towards what Java Component Support Pack Stack(SPS) you were running. 
        If you don’t have access to the Netweaver Administrator via your portal, you can ask your basis folks, they should know without having to look.

        Thanks again for taking the time.

  3. Former Member
    Can we create own text variables in Broadcasting?? if so how can i do it. i tried to create a text variable in Query Designer and it doesn’t work.


  4. Former Member
    in general, we can only use MHTML as output formats. if we need to use other output formats such as “XML” or “PDF”, what should we install or confige? thanks!
  5. Former Member
    I have quick question on Broadcasting to Portal?
    Here is my Scenario:

    I have Pre-query which is made to display Regions, Districts and Stores/Plants and I use this query as restrictions for a Sales and margin report for example.

    Now broadcast to portal works fine on S&M query, it creates PDF files for each combination of Region, Dist and Store.

    But my issue is they all have same query description and to figure out the actual store the report belongs, I have to open each PDF, I was wondering is there a way to get Region #, Disct# and Store# on the file names that are being generated when you broadcast, that way I can write a script to place them accordingly in the KM folders that are assigned to Store/Plant.

  6. Former Member

    Hi Ram,

    We have recently upgraded to BI 7.3 SP 5 from BI 7.0.  I have proper master data maintained for generating the emails.  When I schedule a process chain to run my queries they are getting processed successfully.  However, emails are not getting generated in SOST.  I could see “Bursting : could not determine recipient” in logs.  My Distribution type of the workbooks is “Broadcast E-mail (Bursting) and Output Format is MS Excel Workbook and ‘As Zip File’ checked. 

    Under Recipient Determination:

    Generate Document with variable value   xxxxx

    Attribute for recipient determination   E-mail Address   Attribute Value is E-mail Address

    By Control Query   xxxxx   variant xxxxx

    Your response is highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Chandrasekhar K


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