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  h4. Introduction:  Any integration scenario developed in XI could be exposed as Web service, this is the beauty of ESOA. Commonly SAP xMII can send the SOAP Request and get the response back. This particular blog will give an overview on *how XI Web Service could be called in xMII.*   h4. Implementation: As a part of xMII and XI/PI integration, we are trying to find different methods of integration between PI and xMII. By same way xMII can send the SOAP request to XI.imageSteps involved in XI *  Then we have to generate the WSDL specifying the Message Interface which triggers the scenario in XI. In Integration Directory Click on *Tools**à** Define Web Service… *0.1.  Form the URL and give it in *Integration Server SOAP Inbound Channel (URL)*  and click on the NextEg:        http://XISERVER:50100/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?channel=:BS_001:Sender_SOAP_CC  (http://xiserver:50100/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?channel=:BS_001:Sender_SOAP_CC) image0.1. give the Sender Interface details.image0.2. Give the Sender service sender interface and NameSpace and in the final step WSDL of corresponding webservice will be created, So you can save it in you system.imageSo we did with XI part. And we have to create business logic transaction in xMII to send the SOAP request to this XI webservice and get the SOAP response.   1. Create a BLT with webservice action block. Look like as followsimage2. We have to give the URL or Path of the WSDL, user name and password of XI in configuration Object of the Webservice action block, and click next it will show you the req message type and finish the process.image3. You can see the WSDL structure in Configuration Link of the Webservice Action block.image4. Specify the target xPath according to the Message Type created in XI.image5. Next to the Webservice action block , I placed the Tracer action block and output of Webservice action block is mapped to the tracer so we can get the SOAP response from XI in it. as followsimage
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