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h3. Configuring ESR  with Composition Environment 7.1SP3

Hello Friends I am writing this Blog for the people who want to install and configure Enterprise Service Repository(ESR) with Composition Environment 7.1 SP3, if you are looking from where to get CE7.1, ESR, Adobe Interactive Forms etc , click


. (you must have a valid SDN Id).

I was not able to find a suitable document that will help me in configuring the ESR part. I followed many pdfs, blogs etc but not able to get the perfect answer and even there are lot of questions floating on the forum regarding the setup od ESR. There are only 9 steps in which ESR can be configured. Many people have many opinion about this installation and when I tried with those unfortunately I always failed. So from deep research and going through many documents I came to certain facts that they need to be done in order to install and configure the ESR.This blog will help you in configuring the ESR part after installing the CE7.1 Application Server and ESR separately.Many times I have to format my system and I became very much pathetic. So this is the Vanilla for the ones who are going to install ESR. Follow the steps and you will come up with complete installation without any failure (All the best)


    • Enterprise Service Registry dump ready


Step 1. It is assumed that Composition Environment 7.1SP3 Application Server is properly installed. 


Step 2. Install JDK1.5_12


Step 3. (This step is optional) Install NetWeaver Developer Studio. You will find this is the package that you have downloaded (link is give above). Navigate to CompEnvCE71_03_IM_WIN_I386_ADA (when you are installing for Windows XP SP2). Double click the sapinst.exe. Very user friendly interface is there which will help in installation.


Step 4. Creating user:


Log in to the portal by using the credentials for the hostname and the port like*

, where  is the port number of your server.Create user ESRSLD<CE system name>, for me CE system name is CE1, so the complete user name is ESRSLDCE1 and assign the following roles to him.

If you don’t know how to create user follow the steps:

Go to User Administration > Click on Create User.

In the Login ID give the name as* ESRSLDCE1*

Fill other mandatory fields and optional fields as per your choice.Now click on Assigned Roles tab. In the Search Criteria, choose All Data Source and in the input field next to it put SAP_XI_IR_SERV_USER click on Go, select it and click Add. Similarly to assign another role give the input as SAP_SLD_CONFIGURATOR and click Go, select it and click Add.Click on Save and Log Off from the Portal.      


Step 5. Selecting config tool Template

•·         Go to Start > Programs > SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment >System CE1 (CE1 is my system name so take care) > Configtool

•·         Click on Yes when pop comes asking Do you want to use the default DB settings.

•·         Click File > Change System Template > CE_Complete_Stack_development_full. Select the radio button Use existing custom settings and click OK.




•·         Restart the server from the MMC.


Step 6. Install the Adobe Interactive Forms that you have downloaded from the link given above.

Navigate to NW_CE_ADOBE_71SR3CE71_03_IM_WIN_I386_ADA and double click the sapinst.exe. This will install Adobe Interactive Forms.You can also install SAP Adobe Life Cycle Designer 7.1 this time only. Navigate to NW_CE_ADOBE_71SR3SAP Adobe Life Cycle Designer 7.1 SapAld71_1-20001093.exe, double click it. But before this you must have SAP GUI 7.10 installed on the machine. 


Step 7. Restart the server 


Step 8. Log in to NetWeaver Administartion. Type the URL

Go to  Configuration Management > Scenarios > Configuration Wizard. You will find 5 tasks here and the status is Initial.·        




Click on Initial setup of functional unit SLD and click Start. Choose Typical as Selection of the Configuration Mode. Follow the user interface and give the required password when asked. I chose Setup a New Local SLD Server. It will be installed successfully and you will see that the status changes to Finished Successfully. Click on Return to Task List



•·        Restart the server.

•·       Click on Initial setup of functional unit of ADS and click Start. Chose Typical and give the password as required. It will be installed successfully and you will see that the status changes to Finished Successfully. Click on Return to Task List.



•·       Click on Configuration of Service Registry Webservice Destination and click Start. Give the password as required. It will be installed successfully and you will see that the status changes to Finished Successfully. Click on Return to Task List.



•·       Click on Configuration of ESR in CE and click Start.  If any error comes click the Skip button (for me it happened on one machine but on other it was done without any error. Even after clicking the Skip button the configuration was done successfully). Give the password when required. It will be installed successfully and you will see that the status changes to Finished Successfully.By this you have successfully configured the components. 




Step 9. Log in to Portal, type this URL:

•·         http://<hostname>:<port>/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/•·        * Click* on Activate Development Mode




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  1. Former Member
    Hey Vivek

    Good blog! My greatest takeaway from the blog was to show how you can use the CE server not just for ESR but also for other components (like Portal).

    A couple of clarifications from my side.

    1. The installation and configuration of Adobe interactive forms and the Portal is not essential for setting up ESR. Of course, you can do that in addition to the set up of the ESR. But it would be great if you can clarify that they are interdependent steps.

    2. Did you have to create the the ESRSLDCE1 user manually? Ideally this should be done by the Configuration wizard. I will take this feedback to the development to understand why this was required.


    1. Former Member Post author
      Dear Rathish
      I am thankful to you that you have taken your time to look at my Blog.
      You are right that the installation & configuration of the Adobe Interactive Forms are not essential to set up ESR an I completely agree with that.
      For point 2: Initially many times I used only Configurtion Wizard that will create ESRSLDCE1 user and always I failed during the configuration of ESR. Then I explicitly made the user ESRSLDCE1 only then I was able to configure my ESR part in NWA successfully.
      If you remeber I sent you mail with the log trace that conatins the error. Because at that time I hadnt ctreated the user explicitly rather was going through the Configuration Wizard.
      Hope this is OK.
      Definitely I will put more Blogs on Portal, VC etc.
      I need your support in that.

      Thanks & regards

      1. Former Member Post author
        Hi Varun
        There is nothing great in installing CE.
        Click on the link –> and take what ever you want.
        In brief I write the steps:
        1. Install JDK1.5
        2. Install CE (downlaod is available)
        3. Install ESR
        4.Install Adobe Component (optonal)
        5. Configuration(That you have to do by applying your brain)
        You can follow this great blog also –> How to look like a hero with Netweaver CE ESR & SR



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