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The Cloak and Dagger about Portal and BI Connectivity

Many folks have issues with their BI and Portal Connectivity and wonder why they cannot see the Java and ABAP talking to each other. The communication always starts with the Portal talking to the AS ABAP and then AS ABAP communicates with AS JAVA and the AS JAVA communicates with AS ABAP if necessary. The AS JAVA then communicates with BEx tools to execute the template or report on the Portal.
Assuming that you followed all the 13 steps to connect Portal and BI, analyze the connectivity by researching on these Notes: 989525,573284, 917950, 937697, 944370, and 916090. Check this link for Portal and the BI Connection.

Note 1: Run Report RSPOR_SETUP which will give you the results of the connections between the Portal and the AS ABAP. Also create a SAP Transaction iView and test the connectivity.
Note 2: Note 989525 > Open Web Application Designer > Validate on server function > If you don’t find any errors, then the Java connection with the Web Application Designer is working fine!
Note 3: Run the RS_TEMPLATE_MAINTAIN_70 and a notepad with text should appear. If an empty WordPad appears the JAVA and ABAP are not communicating.

Portal-BI Connectivity
SAP has several notes that can guide you through the steps, but there is one Note 917950 – SAP Netweaver 2004s: Setting up BEx Web
This note is unique as there are some files attached at the end of the note which is seriously USEFUL!

Note Description

Problem,, and
The problem analysis lets you screen shot those errors and send an OSS note to SAP and seek their help!
The checklist will help you to keep a track of your configuration.  I liked the WDEBU7 Setting up BEx This zip file has a pdf document with plenty of screen prints of the entire configuration. It can’t get easier than this note to connect your Portal and BI. In the end I highly recommend using this Note
Note 937697 “SAP Netweaver BIDiagnostics & Support Desk Tool” as this helps to check the configuration of your system and to collect detailed information regarding your SAP Netweaver BI installation.
Also, use this note (Note 983156 – BI configuration w. Template Installer) which has a template installer and does all the work for you!!

Remember, this Blog is based on Portal SP13 and BI SP13 patch 15.

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