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SDN Blog Browser

It’s been a while since I started my *SDN Blogs Vault* project…What does it means? Well, it means that I download and store blogs that are really important or necessary to me…First, I create a folder and then start to download the blogs. I got a lot of them right now.   Of course, I used to use Firefox to read the blogs everytime I needed to…So I start thinking about a way to keep them together, organized and to be able to read them while working…And because I work using the ABAP stack…My best choice was to develop a small program in ABAP. That’s how my SDN Blog Browser came to see the light…It’s nothing fancy but at least it’s helpull…Only thing you need to do is to create a folder, inside create folder with the names of the authors and inside download the blogs…Easy right? Here are a couple of pictures…imageimage
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