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                The buzz word among SAPiens is ‘Business Objects’ (after SAP acquired Business Objects). And the buzz word in business world is ‘M&A’ which stands for Mergers & Acquisitions( the name for the latest trend wherein a Big fish eats all smaller fishes around ..). I feel that the M&A of SAP & Business Objects is one of the most  meaningful and very promising M&A. Technically speaking SAP acquired Business Objects, but looking at it from another perspective ( which you would understand by the end of this blog ) it was an M&A paving way for other M&A’s to be successful and meaningful.

          Now there comes the term bootstrapping ! An M&A paving way for other M&A’s and surely gonna make M&A’s more meaningful, fruitful and thereby successful( although the  oxford definition may not agree to this, but literally, yeah its bootstrapping)…To understand how, …. read on.


Every business has 2 primary aims :

Smooth flow of business transactions and an In-out view of all related data. Most business houses occassionally find themselves to be the cat on the wall as they got no data to support / validate their decision.Reasons : Either data was not captured in system or Data cannot be retreived in a meaningful way. (For those who have very well understod the Domains of Expertise of SAP as well as Business Objects, i guess, might have got an idea of what i am tryin to say …still i would like to finish this…)

For Need 1 i.e to capture data and provide all business processes and best practises  in a proven platform is : SAP ( no doubts, its proven ). Now that business is guaranteed to run hassle free and all relevant data are captured, next is how to expand. Reporting : reteive and view data to useful interpretations ( that could give birth to perfect decisions…) . Business Objects ( Crystal Reports ) ..yeah ..there it goes, a proven reporting tool that can show you data in the way you want it to be seen.

Now if both these needs of a business Enterprise is catered by an integrated solution … it could bring about scrapping of a whole lot of probabilistic theories used by Businesses for adjudging any business expansions/mergers/acquisitions ( in absence of data ). 

Concluding , in simple terms, the  M&A  of  SAP & Business Obejcts will yield solutions with which other businesses can make more M&A  in more effective ways. For the ever demanding business communities, this could be ‘Just Fine !’. Thus this M&A boostraps  future M&As

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