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  1. John Patterson
    Hi Swarup
    Thanks for the blog, its always good to learn new things and your article made me do more research to find out – what is ESB?

    Wikipedia’s definition of “Ënterprise Service Bus” which you refer in your blog is non conclusive – I read it and left thinking ESB a pattern or product(s)?

    Further investigation – and i have paraphrased and condensed my findings

    Some Theorists/Engineers would have you believe relying on a single product for integration creates a monolithic architecture investing heavily in legacy. Encapsulating integration into a bloated single point of failure could lead to irreparable hemorrhage and worse. If you have implemented SOA correctly you will have de-centralized integration and the ESB will be a distributed peer-to-peer communications backbone, in which case ESB is an infrastructure pattern.


    Some middleware vendors would have you believe  – ESB is a product that depending on who you believe can be pulled pulled off the shelf, installed, configured, deployed and distributed as a common infrastructure in supporting all SOA initiatives. These products provide a consistent environment for interfaces, connectivity, orchestration, security, QoS, monitoring, scalability, availability.

    The more I read I believe defining ESB like standards is hard.

    Then when you added EDA at the end, I can only think that starts with a galaxy far far away.


    1. Former Member
      I agree with you on non-conclusive nature of definition provided here for ESB.

      Based on the arguments mentioned in this blog, Even publish-subscribe can be achieved in two ways in XI.

      1. Publish / subscribe can be achieved by defining the end points as opposed to let any one consume the information – which is better any way
      2. JMS can be used for Publish/ subscribe


  2. Former Member

    Hi Swarup,

        Why is that I’m unable to see the article…

        I’m only able to see teh comments… 🙁

       Has this been removed/edited/deleted?    




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