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The SAP Query as mentioned in the previous blogs is a comprehensive tool that is used to build reports and that is capable of recognizing different forms of report.

 A functional area is a specific view of a dataset (logical database, table join, table, sequential file) and serves as a data source for the SAP Query. A functional area/infoset determines which tables or which fields of these tables a report refers to.

When a functional area/ infoset is created, a data source is selected from an application system. Since the number of fields for a data source can be very high, fields are grouped together into logical units called functional groups.

Functional groups are groupings of several fields into a meaningful unit within a functional area.

In the previous blogs, an infoset having join of two tables like VBAP and VBAK is created with all fields .Now in this blog we are going to build a SAP query based upon the same.Please follow the link given below to view them.

Part 1 

SAP Query -A Reporting Tool for Functional Consultants (Part 1)

Part 2

SAP Query -A Reporting Tool for Functional Consultants(Part 2)


Steps involved to create SAP Query

1. Enter the Tcode SQ01 and press change objects button to change the user groups and select the one, which was created earlier in the second blog.

image the infoset, which was created earlier.



 3.Enter the title and select the output type like SAP alv display or table output etc.



 4. All the fields available in infoset will appear here so we need to select the fields req for our output




5.Here we select the selection fields require for input.

 image the layout



7.Now Save the query and press Execure button.As Query is ready for execution.

Provide the input for the selection fields you have selected


8.SAP ALV grid display is shown below which we have choosen earlier.


 9.Now if we want to change the output to table output ,come back and select the output as table.



10.following is the table display output shown



Thus, we finally created a SAP Query based upon the infoset we have created earlier without any ABAP coding.

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