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With SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) 7.1, SAP introduces significant new features and enhancements within the graphical mapping tool that greatly facilitates the design/creation of message mappings going forward. In this blog series, William Li and I cover all the major new features and enhancements that are delivered in SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1. This blog serves as the central page from which you can branch into the specific feature or enhancement which is subsequently covered in more detail.

Mapping Enhancements Blogs

  1. SAP PI 7.1 Mapping Enhancements Series: Using Graphical Variable:  this blog illustrates how to store partial mappings into a variable for reuse using the new graphical variable feature.
  2. SAP PI 7.1 Mapping Enhancements Series: Share User-Defined Functions:  this blog details the use of the new Function Library mapping object.
  3. SAP PI 7.1 Mapping Enhancements Series: Import SQL Table’s Metadata:  this blog details the procedure for creating an external message from a database table structure.
  4. SAP PI 7.1 Mapping Enhancements Series: Graphical Support for JDBC and RFC Lookups:  this blog illustrates how to easily create JDBC and RFC lookups with graphical support (i.e. without any code).
  5. SAP PI 7.1 Mapping Enhancements Series: Parameterized Message Mappings:  this blog provides details on the use of parameters in message mappings and required setup.
  6. SAP PI 7.1 Mapping Enhancements Series: Copy XML Subtree:  this blog illstrates how to copy an entire XML subtree from source to target.
  7. SAP PI 7.1 Mapping Enhancements Series: Correct Structural Inconsistencies:  this blog illustrates a new way of repairing target field Mappings after structure changes are introduced to the mapping.



  1. This demo illustrates some of the key new features delivered in SAP PI 7.1. The SAP PI 7.1 Mapping Enhancements Series: Mapping Enhancements Demo blog provides more information regarding this demo.
  2. KHNC Webinar Replay on PI 7.1 Mapping Enhancements – if you missed William Li’s Know-How Network Conference webinar on February 20, 2008, you can still catch the replay.


General Note

As this blog serves as the main page for this blog series, it will continuously remain updated as new blogs in this area are posted.


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  1. Hi Jin and Bill,
    Thanks a lot for providing these blogs. Good work. SAP is real working hard to make PI as the only answer to the middle ware market 🙂
    Expecting more from SAP on BPX front as well.

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