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Whenever we talk to our joint customers and the discussion is about the interoperability between the various products of  SAP and Microsoft we are asked where they can find information about these topics.

I would like to use this blog to recommend publications that can be found in SDN that are covering interoperability topics. The list is not complete and therefore I will check and update it from time to time.

Though the most recent information can always be found on the .NET interop page here in SDN there is more to find in SDN. Therefore I try to give an overview of publications here in SDN and point you to the right information:

A topic that is always of interest is the interoperability of SAP NetWeaver Portal and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS). This topic is covered in depth in our  recent publication Interoperability between SAP NetWeaver Portal and Microsoft SharePoint Technologies.

Single Sign On is still a hot topic and one of my favorite ones. The whitepaper Unleash the Power of Single Sign-On with Microsoft and SAP gives you an overview about the options that are currently available to achieve SSO between Microsoft and SAP based applications.

The following papers are describing single topics about SSO in more depth and contain detailed How-To Guides for their implementation:

Using SAP Logon Tickets for Single Sign on to Microsoft based web applications

SSO using Windows Integrated Authentication using the SAP NetWeaver Business Client

Especially for the integration of Microsoft Exchange the following information is useful:

Integration of Outlook Web Access into SAP Enterprise Portal (Exchange 2003)

Single Sign-On to a Microsoft Exchange Cluster (Exchange 2003)

Single Sign-On to Microsoft Exchange 2007 in a Clustered Environment

Information about the integration of Search and Windows File Servers into the SAP NetWeaver KM platform can be found here

Searching in SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search using Microsoft Windows Desktop Search

Integration of Windows File Servers into the SAP KM platform Using SSO and the WebDAV Repository Manager.pdf

Developers should find the following information be of interest:

How to debug ABAP Web services from Microsoft Visual Studio

Exception handling for Web services based on Business APIs (BAPI)  using Visual Studio 2005

There is a series of whitepapers that outlines the basic concept how Single Sign-On can be achieved using existing technologies and describe sample applications based on .NET and Win32 that consume SAP Web services that are either based on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server and the SAP Exchange Infrastructure.

Overview: Single Sign-On of Windows-based Web Service Clients using SAP Logon Tickets

.NET: Sample Application: SSO with a .NET-based Web Service Client using SAP Logon Tickets

Win32: Sample Application: Call a Web Service with Single Sign On from a Windows Client Using a SAP Logon Ticket

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  1. Former Member

    Thank you for putting together this blog. The InterOp between MOSS and NWP is heavily discussed now a days. It is hard to imagine full interOp between two products having different strategies (MS isn’t a fan of WSRP, JSR168 etc).

    I’d like to know about the future of .NET PDK. Although SAP continues to say that it’s a fully supported technology and is well adopted, we had hard time getting consulting resources even from SAP. Also, the support for the tool wasn’t as expected as it is for other supported technologies by SAP.

    Do you know if it’s being phased out? Will it be replaced with a next gen product of its kind?

    Thanks Andre!


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