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Using the transaction IDX5 you can see the Idoc messages which are sent or received by the IDOC Adapter in XI , the advanced functions in IDX5 enables us to track the IDOCs and displays them in the Remote system. 

Where Do You See the IDOC’s in SAP XI?

Using the IDX5-Transaction you can track the both inbound and outbound idocs based on the given selection in the selection screen such as message id, transaction id, port name, system id, Idoc number, idoc object and the direction(inbound or outbound).

Incoming/processing messages in R/3 can be viewed using the monitoring tools. For our purpose we first use IDX5 to check whether any inbound IDocs in XI for a message type. To do this, log into XI, type IDX5 then check the dates, feed the logical message type then hit F8.


For tracking the IDOC in SAP XI you need some authorizations to execute IDX5 Transaction are as follows.

To start the XI message monitor in the remote system

S_XMB_MONI with ACTVT = 03

                 To start the IDoc monitor in the remote system


                 Authorization for function groups:

  1. BDMON
  2. BDMT

Trigger the IDOC in the R/3 system like do the scenario like IDOC to file or File to IDOC.


Step1: Log on to the XI sytem and then Execute the Transaction IDX5. 


Step2: Give the Selection details.The following selection criteria are available on the selection screen

By Specifying the Message ID and Transaction ID to determine the Specific Message to  be selected.The transaction ID is the ID of the transaction of the IDOC Adapter.

By Specifying the Creation Date and Creation Time.

System ID – Name of the Port in IDOC Adapter.

IDOC Number – Number of the Idoc from the control record.

IDOC Object – IDOC Basic type for ex DEBMAS,MATMAS.

Direction – 1 or 2 (Direction of the IDOC Transfer like Inbound/Outbound)

Step3: Choose Execute/F8.The system sorts and lists the messages based on the Created date and time.It also uses the list of messages to summarize the number of messages displayed for each direction.

image IDOC Tracking and Options available in the Displayed List:

a. By Choosing the Advanced Functions

Choose the Extended functionality button or Shift F1.


 It shows the two more Push Buttons such as Monitor and Tracking.


 b. Monitoring the IDOC

Select the message in the list and choose the MONITOR push button, it takes you to the Remote R/3 system where the IDOC has been Generated.


IDOC number Generarted In the R/3 System and we can see the Status of the IDOC


c. Tracking the IDOC 

Select the Message and choose the Tracking button it gets the remote data from the R/3 system here the remote data is nothing but the IDOC number,Status details.

     In case of Outbound IDOC in XI, for example File to IDOC scenerio XI system will generate an IDOC number for refering the Original IDOC number which is generated by the R/3 System.While clicking the TRACKING Button it IDX_TRACING RFC will be triggered to get the remote data.

First screen shows the 37240 is IDOC number which is generated By the XI system


Click the TRACKING push Button It gets the original idoc number 662806 and status details which is generated by the R/3 System.


d. Summary of the IDOC 

Select the corresponding message in the list and choose ( ) Details.



If you want to navigate to the tRFC queue (transaction SM58), select one of the listed messages by double clicking its transaction ID.


This is only useful when the message direction is outbound.


f. Display IDoc packages

If you want to display IDoc packages, select a message and choose  Display IDoc Package.


Finally it helps us to view the Idoc Messages without loggin into the R/3 system.By clicking the Monitor button it automatically takes you to the R/3 System.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Kamal,

    I was checking the tracking functionality in my server.For an Inbound IDOC…Its not showing up any thing as you mentioned while for an outbound IDOC, I get the below message in a pop-up:
    USING PIAAGALE has no RFC authorizations.
    What can I do in both cases? Please advise.


  2. Former Member
    I was looking for making a search in sxmb_moni based on the R3 idoc number. Thought of going through idx5. But do we get the idoc no of R3 anywhere in idx5 based on which the search can be made for a message in XI?


      1. Former Member
        Thanks for response Sumit.
        I think I am missing something. Where exactly are u suggesting to put the R3 idoc number
        ? In the selection screen of idx5, i tried that, it is not possible. It is asking for Idoc number of XI. In selection screen of moni, such a criteria is not present


        1. Former Member Post author
          hi Prateek,
                 You can give the IDOC Object such ORDERS05 in selection screen of IDX5 and then do the step 3, it will show the R/3 Idoc Number.

          Thanks and Regards,

          1. Former Member
            Hey Kamal,
            We have thousands of such idocs of the same message type. The option you mentioned wont be feasible in that case i think.
            Sorry for extending the discussion in the comments for this weblog. I will better post it in forum.

            Thanks for the Blog!!!



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