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Galaxy, Universal Worklist, Guided Procedures Connector, and Dr. Bruce

BPM in SAP NetWeaver has got so much going on, I just don’t know where to start!! A colleague I really trust ( Scott Jones) told me blogs should be ‘press annoucements’ that point to other content on SDN. So, I’ve got several annoucements for you!

First of all, I’m getting so so so many questions on Galaxy. If you were at TechEd last year you may remember seeing a demo in the keynote. Session EPI103 had more details on the topic.

We will begin rolling out more information on Galaxy very soon. In the meantime, I updated my Workflow in SAP NetWeaverblog to provide some preliminary information.

In that blog I mention how Galaxy is based on BPMN, Business Process Modeling Notation. To learn more about that, you gotta check out Dr. Bruce, the BPMN man.

Also, lately I’m getting many Guided Procedures and UWL questions. There have been some problems configuring the GP connector for UWL in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment. When you are using CE, your UWL could be local, or your UWL could be running in your 7.0 portal (the most likely situation). There is a note to fix the issue, but we also have a new guide to help with the configuration. Thanks to the customer who let me use their example for publication on SDN!

If you have been doing customizing of UWL, please publish what you have done on SDN. I am getting lots of questions and will publish examples I have learned from customers soon. There are a lot of very interesting things happening, so please publish what you have learned!!!

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  • thx for revealing SAPs latest view on what blogging on SDN means for SAP.
    not a very trendy view though as far as I know; the web 2.0 fans and supporters of real 2-way communication and collaboration probably will shed a tear on this statement by the very trusted content strategist.


    • oh – so you don’t think blogs should be press annoucements?  they should contain the actual content?   but doesn’t that make them harder to find 6 months later?  If I do a ‘how to configure gp and uwl’ in a blog – will you be able to find it in 6 months?   I thought the other content was easier to find in search engines….that’s not what you think?  I can always put the content back in the blog – like the how-to link that I have in this blog – it could be it’s own blog…I’m just trying to do what’s most beneficial for the people searching SDN.  

      But when I wanted to update the ‘workflow in netweaver’ blog for Galaxy, I couldn’t find it via the search – but I did go on and leave that content as a blog.

      so, Anton – what do you think the guideline should be for when the content goes in a blog, and when it goes in content that is uploaded to SDN?

      All the best

      • Ginger,
           I think you are doing a fantastic Job. If you are not aware, there is a huge fan following based on your blogs. I personally learnt so much about GP,UWL  and all the other blogs that you keep posting. Please Please keep it going …we love you !!!!

  • Anton and Ginger,

    I just came across this – sorry I’m late to the discussion…

    Blogging on SDN takes many valid and important forms, and serves many different purposes.  I wouldn’t want to suggest or impose any limitation; that certainly wasn’t my purpose.

    Ginger, the advice of mine you quote is correct but needs more context.  I work with contributors who think it’s enough to throw a .pdf “over the wall” to SDN – that that’s enough to get their work lots of attention.  I encourge them to blog about their work as well or instead because, truth is, people read blogs and won’t neccessarily find their work otherwise.

    I’ve said blogs share some traits with press releases because they’re more time sensitive than our other content types – readers tend to watch the leading edge of the blog stream and older blogs tend to vanish into the past.  I ask contributors to keep that in mind as they bring their content online on SDN. 

    Anyway, I did not mean to discourage bloggers from writing substantial, content rich blogs.   No, carry on.  Blog beautifully and richly. 

    Scott Jones

    • Hi Scott,
      Thanks for the perfect reply.   I think Anton and I were coming from different perspectives – I’m most concerned on getting content so people can find it on SDN.

      As always, you hit the ‘nail on the head’ and again provided great guidance!

      We’d be lost with you, Scott!


  • Hi Ginger,
    Is there a way that we can show the properties of GPs(used VC as the interface) in the main screen of the UWL? Is there a connection method like that?
  • Hi,
    I need to know how can we establish Blacberry phones access the workflows and approving the POs and response is send back to workflows.

    Can we achieve this and i suppose we need to achieve it via webdynpro application
    But how will i achieve this ..


    • Hi Raj
      I haven’t tried this myself…I know Pascal Decock [] who has done it – you can ping him or check in a forum.
      Sorry I can’t be of more help.  I know some people have done it, but I also think they simplified the TS for it.
  • Hi Ginger,
    Requirement: Once the Shopping Cart is created from SRM 5.0, a Work Item is sent to the Approver on his Blackberry device. The Approver opens the Work Item and selects Approve or Reject. On clicking either of these, a reply mail for Approval/Rejection should be sent back to the SRM Server.
    Problem: The Approve/Reject buttons do not appear as HTML links in the mail. Rather it displays the code behind the links.

    Can you suggest a possible solution for this? The necessary details are SRM 5.0; RIM version 4.2.