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One of the recent additions to SDN is Articles. Although there were articles published in past and linked through SDN / BPX webpages there was no single place listing all articles.

However the standard categorization of Articles is by Skill Level, Source (SAP or Community like us) and Format (Articles or Presentations – all SAP). I do not find it much helpful. I would rather have articles categorised by domain (like ERP, Supply Chain) or topics of interest (like eSOA, Enterprise Architecture). This is partially done through Articles link within the different BPX Business Process in Practice areas (see CRM, Analytics etc) but not consistently.  

Also once you come across a good topic there is no good way of referring back to it in future other than downloading a copy of it or taking a printout. Sharing or pointing out a relevant article to another SDNer (& BPXer) also becomes difficult as you need to hunt down the article.

So what do you do ….. Wiki comes to rescue as usual. I created a quick Wiki page – and inserted links to the relevant articles in different categories. With this Wiki page marked as Favorite – I am just two clicks away from the Articles of my choice.

I am sure the Community Managers are looking into how best to categorise (and potentially give feedback or post reviews) Articles. Till that time anyone can use and add to the Articles Wiki page.

Happy Article browsing.

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    1. Somnath Manna Post author
      I have already included any ERP related articles in the Wiki page. See “Improvements of SAP ERP Applications for Process Industry Delivered with ERP 2004 and ERP 2005” etc. under functional.
      Do not recall seeing anything else. Functional Articles are lesser in number.
      And no need for a separate page in ERP Operations. Just update articles in this page and link this page from ERPLO.
    1. Somnath Manna Post author
      Thanks Blag.
      Actually inspiration came from your blog The specified item was not found..
      It took about 12hours and 4/5 concurrent SDN sessions 🙂
  1. Christine Merten
    Hello Somnath,
    The good news is that the Articles Index we maintain at will soon be expanding to include Articles by Topic.
    We have just completed a major project to clean up the topic metadata in our article repository and now that that’s complete we’ll be able to surface articles by topic as well. However, our topic list is still pretty high level and will display, for example, just articles on Supply Chain Management. The list you have put together categorizes the articles into even further more useful buckets. You have done some very nice work and we will look into how we could possibly leverage what you have done and use it with the smart queries we run on the Article Index pages.
    Best regards,

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