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I get deeply involved by the innovation and simplicity of GOOGLE Android Framework, and I had thought it was a beautiful test environment.

 In the meantime, I was prototyping a mobile application for the doctors to get the patients documentation via handheld device…so I adopt ANDROID and get building my prototype.

 The scope was to have the Clinical Workstation handready for the doctor who visit the patients in  a ward:


The first screen:



 Here the doctor can choose the ward’s code and then click submit to have the list of the patients in:



Once it get the list, the doctor can choose of which patient he would like to see the clinical documentation by clicking on the button with the proper name (e.g: Romano Paolo)



On the following activity(Screen) it get the clinicla documentation for LABORATORY, RADIOLOGY and PATHOLOGY (first, second and third column) sorte by date. Then again by clicking the exam he wish to loon for (for instance pathology):



 He finally can look at the text of the documentation.

To note that in our case, our documents are stored in the SAP Business Document Service as PDF file and that they are stripped to extract the text using an Enterprise Service in the ESR which we design for.

Also, all the service we invoke here to retrieve data from our SAP System are extracted by consuming ES into the ESR.

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  • Paolo:

    What can I say? This is really awesome! Haven't tried Android yet...Ignacio's and your blog makes me wanna do something about it -:D Gonna try something this weekend -;)



  • what a great and inspiring blog. Thanks for making my day with this gemof early adoption of a new platform and bringing it down to a practical use case.

    Excellent Paolo. Chapeau!

  • Paolo,
      Thanks for this wonderful Blog. SAP NetWeaver technology platform already has the Web Dynpro which is a client-independent programming model for developing user interfaces including mobiles.

      When we have such a wondeful tool(WebDynpro) handy, why do we have to re-invent the wheel with Android. Can you please share your thoughts here.

    P.S : Inspired by your blog I am attending the Android event in Boston on 02/23.

    Vivek Komarina.

    • Hello vivek,

      I try to answer to your question...indeed, SAP already has his own mobile infrastructure...and of course I tried also webdynpro for mobile, which is simple and fast to deliver but from the point of view of controls/features to use quite limited, I think...
      Keep in mind that WD are wonderful MVC based tools which allows you to develop even complex application in a relatively fast way, but on the other hand they are limited on the layout the mobile WD are even more limited!!!
      Android give you a wide array of control and instruments to realize nearly everything, leaving you really free, even if it's a bit more complex than wd for mobile.
      If you try it, try also DroidDraw...a wonderful time saving tools to design the layout of your applications...

      • Paolo,
          Thanks for your time explaining the advantanges of going for Android. We are looking forward for more blogs from your side on this exciting technology.

        Vivek Komarina.