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This Blog concentrates more upon creation of Query area,user assignment and generation of infosets.

The link for the first Blog is given below:

            SAP Query -A Reporting Tool for Functional Consultants (Part 1)


For building a SAP Query three major steps are involved. They are:

  • Building the Query Area and user group Assignment
  • Building the infoset i.e. a data container comprises of tables joines, logical databases.
  • Finally building a query based upon the infoset.

Query Area

A query area contains a set of query objects (queries, InfoSets, and user groups) that are discrete and consistent.

Steps to create a User Group: –

1) Enter Transaction SQ03.

Provide name for user group and click create button.


2) Provide the text for the same and press save button and save it in a request.



User Group Assignment

Within a user group, it is irrelevant who has defined a certain query, since anyone who belongs to that group can execute it. Remember that only users with the appropriate authorization can change queries or define new ones.

In Addition,Users who are not allowed to modify SAP queries from other user groups, although they may, under certain circumstances, copy and execute them. Each user can be assigned to several user groups. 


Steps Involved: –

Enter the name of the user and assign the newly created area to the users by clicking the change button.



2) Assign the user to the group as shown below.





InfoSets provide special views of data sources, i.e. they determine which fields of a data source can be evaluated in queries. These are the major components involved in building a query.

By creating InfoSets and assigning them to user groups, we can determine the range of reports for end-users.

 Steps Involved :-

1) Enter Transaction SQ02,Provide a name for the query and click create button.


2) As shown provide some text and mention the table name for join. We can also build queries for Logical Database, direct read, using ABAP program etc.



3)As shown below the table vbak appear with all the fields.Click the insert table button to carry out it’s join with VBAP.



4) We can see that both the tables are automatically joined with the help of their primary keys.




5)Click the back button once you finish joining the tables.From the following pop up select the option Include all table fields.


6) Both the tables with all the fields added are shown below.On the right window we cna notice the option of Creating FIELD GROUPS available.Here,For simplicity we are not creating any field group in this blog.

Now press the generate button.



7)On the Status bar ,notice the message which says ” Infoset is generated successfully”.


The Infoset generated above is a re-usable component which will be used during creation of SAP Queries.Assign the same to the user group created earlier.


In Next blog, we explore more and learn creation of SAP Query based upon the infoset created here.

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