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ORTEC and the SAP Eco System

Our planning Solutions give the best Results when interfaced with 3rdParty Systems. One can think of Employee Data or other Resource Data, such as Bed availability or Operating Equipment, that are fed into the different ORTEC Solutions. Other planned Data can also be sent back, such as Realization of worked Hours and Beds planned. Integration of ORTEC Solutions with other Systems is therefore of utmost Importance.


What speaks to me about the Business Process Platform, is that this question of Integration is approached from a Process Point of view. Defining the Process that the Customer wants supported, defining what Areas are best supported by which Solution, and then defining the Touch-points between these Systems, is in my view essential to a successful Implementation of any Solution.


In this Way Software Solutions finally provide Answers that match with the Customer’s Needs. We do need all Parties involved however: the Customer, the Software Suppliers and Consultants, because there is not one Software Supplier that can provide a single Solution for the whole Process. This Way we can all bring in our best; Knowledge, Experience and Systems.




With the ES Community SAP is providing a Platform in which this can be done. I’ve been to one CDG (the Healthcare CDG), and was enthused by the fact that different Suppliers and different Customers were there to discuss the Needs and the possible Answers. It turned out that truly focussing on the Process was quite difficult in one Morning, but we are convinced that eventually we’ll get there.


One example of how we, in practice, are looking to get the best out of our own Solutions, by finding the best fit in the total Software Picture of a customer, is with ORBIS (Sittard, the Netherlands). Essential part of this implementation was delivering a certified Interface with SAP-HRM/Payroll, which was completed in Q3 of 2007.



ORTEC is one of the largest Providers of advanced planning and optimization Software Solutions and consulting Services. Our Solutions result in optimized Fleet Routing and Dispatch, Vehicle and Pallet Loading, Workforce scheduling, Patient logistics, Delivery forecasting and Network planning. ORTEC provides both best-of-breed, Custom made and SAP certified Solutions, supported by strategic Partnerships. ORTEC has over 800 Customers worldwide, more than 650 Employees and Offices throughout Europe, North America and South East Asia.


ORTEC in Healthcare

ORTEC has been providing scheduling Solutions for the Healthcare Industry for over 15 years. In fact, ORTEC Harmony, our workforce scheduling solution, is used to optimally schedule thousands of Employees in all facets of Healthcare, worldwide, every day. ORTEC’s commitment to Healthcare has resulted in the industry’s functional richest and most flexible Software Solution for workforce scheduling on the market today.


Next to Workforce scheduling, ORTEC also delivers Consultancy and Solutions to support planning and scheduling of Patient logistics. Especially the domain of multi-resource capacity management has our Attention, such as Bed planning, Appointment planning, Operating Theatre-, and Laboratory scheduling.


About Workforce Scheduling

Workforce Scheduling is a complex Process that involves Employee (such as nurse and physician) availability, including their Wishes and Demands (Preferences), as well as Patient, Department and organisational Demands. To ensure the Quality of the Care that is delivered, as well as providing a healthy Working Environment, Qualifications and Rules and Regulations have to be taken into account. Upon execution, the Data of the schedule has to be translated into Payroll and (sometimes) Invoice data.


ORTEC Harmony offers the support required to meet these complex Processes. By means of intuitive planning Boards, through real time Monitoring of Service hours and Key performance indicators, by taking ergonomic and individual Requirements into account, by keeping track of Entitlements and Roster characteristics and monitoring for compliance with specified Standards, and through the use of advanced optimization engines. ORTEC Harmony also ensures that you can react quickly to ad hoc planning disruptions, resulting from, for example, Sickness or unanticipated Work, and that worked hours, absenteeism can be accurately recorded and processed. ORTEC Harmony supports multiple models of Shift scheduling and Rostering, such as Employee-self-Rostering, Cyclic patterns, Rolling-horizon, Automated roster Generation.


 For furhter information …

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