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Last week the SAP Community Social Meet took place in Walldorf in Building 3. The host was Craig himself and he invited a colleague and me a week before. He also has announced this event in his Networking + Social = Beer

When I get the invitation I thought, wow cool idea, meeting the SDN guys during the year.  I want to share my impressions from this evening in Walldorf and of course there are pictures. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Thanks to Marilyn for taking the pictures.  

At this Wednesday I come as every morning between 9 and 10 pm into our office and checked my emails. I have got a message from Dafna, she is product manager for the Visual Composer, if I would be there at the SDN meeting, because this would be a great opportunity to talk about our plans on SDN in the Visual Composer area. You must know that we had a discussion about a new Visual Composer Wiki for the new Visual Composer 7.1 release in the last days. Let me say a few words about our discussion. As you know there is this new Visual Composer version within the Composition Environment, which is released for the customers at the end of 2007. You can find more information about the new version in the Visual Composer Area.

Discussing new ideas
Disussing new ideas: Marcel Salein, Tobias Grunow and Dafna Yanay

Anyway, we had discussed if we need a new wiki space or if we can create the content for the 7.1 release into the “old wiki space” of the Visual Composer 7.0. After a couple of mails we noticed that she is there for the work the complete day and I only want to come for drinking the beer in the evening. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Dafna had other meetings in the evening so I have decided to leave the office earlier for meeting Dafna before the evening event started. My luckiness is that Heilbronn isn’t far away from Walldorf. When I arrived there my colleague Tobias Grunow was already there. He is also a NetWeaver expert and has very good knowledge about MDM, Portal and Java. Maybe you know him from his MDM Java API 2 an introductive series part I.

Tobias Grunow and Dafna Yanay

Tobias Grunow and Dafna Yanay 

We met us in the parking garage and go to building three. There Dafna awaits us. After the introduction we started our discussion about the wiki space. After a quarter of an hour Mark arrived and bring us to the “party room” B5.03 I don’t remember who decided for taking the stairs instead of the lift. It was only the fifth floor… ๐Ÿ˜‰ We continued our discussion invigorated by a coke. And after a few minutes the rest of the SDN party crowd arrived and Craig delivered the opening speech. ๐Ÿ˜‰
It was a great evening meeting all the SDN guys and getting some news and plans about SDN.

Marilyn told me and my colleague about the Community project. It was an interesting part of the evening. I hope I have the time to have a deeper look on this project this week. I know that the BPX community has more the high level view on the processes and later on the technology is there to solve the requirements and of course Visual Composer is predestinated for a Business Process expert. Maybe I can become part of this project. We will see. ๐Ÿ˜‰ For all of you who are interested in this project, you will find more information in the The specified item was not found.

I think this also shows that SDN is more than an online community there is real collaboration out there. My experience in the past also shows that there is a very good collaboration between SAP and their partners. Maybe you have read myMeeting Visual Composer Developers from Israel about the meeting with the Visual Composer Development team from Israel.

The bad thing at this evening was that I had to leave about 8.30 pm, because I had 300 kilometers driving to my next meeting of the next day. But I want to say thanks to Craig and the SAP for the great evening and of course thanks for the nice SDN T-Shirt! I hope there are more events like this next time. I’m looking forward to the SDN Community Day and TechEd in Berlin.

Marcel Salein

Marcel Salein 

You find all the pictures of the evening on Flicker page of Marilyn Pratt.

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  1. Richard Hirsch

    Marilyn also told me me that she met both of you in Waldorf. We are currently planning the next pilot of the Community Project.  Watch our wiki space and my blogs for upcoming announcements. As you might imagine Visual Composer plays an integral part of our project. Your expertise in this area would of course be welcome.



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