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This release of Visual Composer is distributed as a special patch to SP stack 14 in order to enhance the functionality of Storyboard based on an upgrade from Adobe Flex 1.5 to version 2.0. This upgrade has enabled the following new features and enhancements:

  • Signal Names as Events (Flex 2.0 only):
    If you are working with nested iViews in a Flex-based model, you can use Out signals within the nested iView to expose EPCM events external to the nested iView, elsewhere in the same model. These signals can trigger transitions between layers and/or trigger events when received by the complementary In signals.


  • Switch Operator (Flex 2.0 only):
    This new operator enables you to define multiple execution flows. It receives input from multiple sources (such as a data service and a form view) and passes the received data as input to a single model element.


  • View Source Code option (Flex 2.0 only):
    When deploying a model (in the Deploy to Portal task panel), you can choose to list all the Flex-based sources in the Source Viewer. This option is activated by selecting the Display Flex compiled sources in the Source Viewer checkbox in the Compiler tab of the Tools à Options dialog box. Note that this function may impact performance.


  • Enhanced Progress Bar control (Flex 2.0 only):
    At runtime, this bar can now fill with color according to the relative amount of progress completed, either in absolute or percentage terms. These values are set in the Range tab of the Control Properties dialog box.


  • Enhanced Filter Operator:
    The Filter operator has been significantly enhanced. The list of filter expressions has been revised and expanded to include “Does not . . .” expressions such as “Does not equal” and “Does not start with.” In addition, a [custom] option enables you to define a dynamic expression for the operator, allowing you to filter results according to fields in any element in the model, separately, or in combination with another defined filter.
  • Next Step tips:
    Modeling on the Design board has been enhanced by the addition of special “Next Step” popup tips, which suggest the next step you need to make in your modeling process. This could include performing mapping or defining fields for a guided procedure.


More sources of upgarde information for Visual Composer for the SP Stack 14 Patch:

  • Central SAP Note for Visual Composer, on SAP Service Marketplace: Search for SAP Note 1085225
  • Be sure to check out David Lotan-Bolotnikoff’s Flex2.0 is here!; there’s a surprise in it!

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  1. Former Member
    It’s great to have so many new functions. Thanks for your work!
    One question here, is it possible to achieve join function on two data service with the switch operator?
    1. Former Member Post author

      Actually, the switch operator is quite different than the standard BI join, which combines record sets coming from two tables in a relational database, and results in a new table (“joined table”).

      The Switch operator in Visual Composer for NetWeaver 7.0 channels data from two separate flows (such as data services) into one single flow.


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