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In my project , I was assigned a task which deals with a scenario where I need to send a mail to all the selected recipients given. In addition to it I need to attach the PDF generated as a result of an application. So the whole of the scenario is been divided into two parts: 1. Attach the generated document to a mail . 2. Sending the mail along with the attachment.  *Problem*  In brief these two steps i.e. firstly the whole PDF generated in the view is converted into a byte stream and then the stream is attached to the mail and the mail is sent.  *Prerequisites*   *Note* :I have used CE SP3 version of Netweaver .  I. Create Web Dynpro local development component. II. Create Web Dynpro component, in which PDF form is displayed in view controller. III. Create context structure for view controller- This involves creation of value node with corresponding value attributes, which need to be displayed as a PDF form fields. Also an important one i.e. value attribute ‘pdfSource’ of type ‘binary’. IV. Create actions (Send), data binding of main value node and implementation in view controller.Web DynproPropertiesSo the requirement is when a Button “send” is clicked then a mail is sent to all the recipients whose email Id’s are coming from a different view and is present in the context along with the PDF generated. A point to remember here is when you make this pdf form’s visibilty as ‘NONE/BLANK’. the mail will not be sent. The context for the view is:image
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  1. Former Member
    Hi Sheetal,

    This blogs help me lot.But i need something more.

    I need to send a file which can be a doc or xls or any other extention. Can u guide me how i can i do that?

    Gurprit Bhatia

  2. Former Member
    Hi Sheetal,

    Thanks for your blog. It helped me a lot…but I have one requirement that I was unable to implement. I tried your example and everything works fine for me but the extra requirement is that after the pdf is displayed in the view, there are some editable fields on the pdf which the user can change if he wants to. Now on the click of send button I want to email the pdf which will include the changes done by the user. Somehow the data that the user changes is not getting saved in the pdfSource. I would really appreciate if you could help me. 


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Saika,
      The bolg is written for print forms there is something adobe interactive forms u can use them for editable fields ,but that doesnt suppost some product standards like accesibilty and usabilty so in that case you have to take exception .
      the other way or workaround for this on a button click you can be use a simple web dynpro form and take inputs there give some validations for confirming the input.and then transfer it from the context to the adobe form.
      this will be more performant .
      let me know if the reply helps.

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