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Gateway parameters


The gateway is installed within an instance by the dispatcher and reads its parameters from the profile file located in the profile directory in the SAP directory tree.  


In addition of RFC Quota, I will discuss Gateway parameters, some very important Profile parameters for R/3, which effect lot to do the optimum config of R/3 stacks. As the optimum configuration of system for a high RFC load is significant.


For that we had

  1. General/Configuration parameters:  for general setting and load balancing.
  2. Network parameters : for control the gateway behavior in networks
  3. Timeouts parameters: recognizes various timeouts
  4. Resource Management parameters : for managing gateway resources
  5. Security parameters: for security.



The parameters listed below control the gateway resources. These include number of external connections, memory consumption, etc. These are Resource Management Parameters which effect lot in optimum configuration.


  • gw/max_sys

o       Short description: max number of gateway clients

o       This parameter specifies the maximum number of clients 

         connected at one time. Note that the gateway regards an SAP   application server as one single client.

o       Default value : 300

o       Unit :  Integer

  • gw/max_conn

o       Short description: max number active connections

o       This parameter specifies the maximum number of 

         simultaneous active connections.

o       This includes both connections using LU6.2 and connections 

         using TCP/IP.

o       Default value : 500

o       Unit = Integer

  • gw/max_overflow_usage

o       Short description: Percentage of overflow area

o       Specifies the usage of the overflow area in % from which the 

         gateway slows down its clients, i.e., sends SYSN requests.

o       Default value: 10

o       Unit: Percent

  • gw/max_overflow_size

                                 o       Short description: size of overflow area

                         o       This parameter specifies the size of the local storage

                                  area in which the SAP Gateway manages the received


                         o       Default value : 10000000 ( 10MB)

                         o       Unit: Bytes


  •   gw/max_shm_req


                          o        Short description: Max. number of requests put into

                                    shared  memory

                          o        Specifie the maximum number of CPIC requests that

                                    can be stored  in the gateway in Shared Memory at a time.

                          o        Unit : Integer

                          o        Default value: 50

  • gw/max_shm_req_per_conn     

                                  o       Short description : number of requests put into shared  


                         o       Specifies the maximum number of CPIC requests that can be

                                held simultaneously in shared memory for a CPIC connection.

                                The value of this parameter must not exceed the value of the

                                parameter gw/max_shm_req  and is corrected by the

                                gateway if  required.

                         o       Unit : 1

                                 Default value: 10

  • gw/req_stack_size

                     o        Short description: number of stacks for CPI-C  


                     o        This parameter specifies the number of CPIC requests that

                               can be on the stack for each CPIC connection.

                     o        Unit : Integer

                     o       Default value : 30





Execute the transaction SMGW

Here you can set gateway parameter values.






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          Mastering SAP XI-Administration by Marcus and H Klein.



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