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One of my favorite new features in CR 2008 that was added based on direct customer feedback was better support for long lists of values. In Crystal Reports XI, we introduced dynamic cascading prompting, but heard feedback from you that it needed better support for long lists of values. The most common example cited was reporting against accounting systems where there could be hundreds (or thousands) of account numbers without a nice hierarchy of categorization to allow for easy navigation.


Prompting Dialog for Long List of Values

So in Crystal Reports 2008 we’ve improved how the prompting UI works with long lists of values. When the system detects more than 200 records in either a static or dynamic list of values, the UI above will automatically appear. The system will ‘batch’ the list of values into chunks of 200 records, and allow you to navigate between the chunks using the navigation arrows. You can also filter the list using the set and clear filter buttons. The filter applies to all records in the list of values – not just those in the current batch.

This UI appears in both the designer and supported viewers.

So with this new functionality, Crystal Reports 2008 is now much easier to use with long lists of values.

What are your comments on prompting in Crystal Reports? Let us know what you’d like to see improved!

Cheers, Blair

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