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In my last blog entry I showed you how easy it is to build an xApp.Here I would like to show you how easy it is to consume an Enterprise Service from the Enterprise Services Workplace using the Composition Environment, or more exactly, the Visual Composer.

If you want to test services via the ES Workplace you can request a user Access the Enterprise Services Workplace Systems. It’s your chance to test drive enterprise services from SAP.

Bettina Lieske explained in her blog entry how to find a special service in the Enterprise Service Workplace. I would now like to use the ES Workplace as starting point to build a composite with the Visual Composer.

First of all I search for the services I would like to use in my application. In this case I need the service operations “Find Customer Address Basic Data by Name and Address” and “Find Customer by name and Address”. In the ES Workplace you get all the information about the Service – you can even drill down to the WSDL file.


The idea behind this simple composite is to search for a patient (customer) by name or place of residence, and get detailed address information in return. Now, I look for these services in the Visual Composer service repository under “ERP Foundation” and “Business Partner Data Management”, and put them into the Visual Composer. In the end the model for the application looks like this:


I build an input form with two search criteria and submit this information to the service. The result from the service I would like to display in a table. By selecting a line from that table I submit the “ID” into the next service and show the detailed information in a second table.

And… that’s it! Just press “deploy” and off you go!


Yes, I know this is not a very big and powerful application but it shows how easy it is to use a service directly from ES Workplace and very easily build an application based on it. Furthermore, it shows you the new look and feel from the latest Visual Composer version in the Composition Environment. If you need more information about Visual Composer I’m sure you will find it here: 

Please make use of the ES Workplace and the Visual Composer. I’d be very keen to hear about your experience and your feedback.
Regards from Walldorf,


To be continued…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information & example with us…
    Very exciting to see how, with the new version of Visual Composer for Composition Environment, it is easy to connect to the ES-Workplace and consume complex enterprise services (-;

    Another nice thing we can see in your example is the ALV tables (the two buttons at the upper-right side of all the Visual Composer tables) that enable additional data manipulation at runtime by the user and can give you, in this case, the option to search for customer according to his ID or sort the customer list alphabetically…
    And this is just the start, in the future, (CE 7.1.1), you’ll even be able to change a table to chart and export the data to Excel or any other spreadsheet….

    Cheers! Dafna


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