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*Uploading SAP Interactive Forms*     Ability to process offline forms is one of the key features of SAP Interactive Forms technology. In this case, the form filled offline is either uploaded or emailed to process the data. Sales Order creation is the example of one such scenario which will simplify the collaboration between a manufacturer and its customers for sales order processing. In this Blog, I’ve narrated my experience with uploading such offline form.   *SAP Interactive Form:** * The filled in SAP Interactive form sent by the customer which needs to be uploaded.image  *Application:** * In this ABAP Webdynpro application, sales representative sends a SAP Interactive form for Sales order creation to customer. The customer fills in the form offline and sends it back to Sales representative through mail. Sales representative have to upload all the data sent by the customer in SAP Interactive form.    0.1. Upload SAP Interactive form using Browserimage  0.1. Uploaded Data from the SAP Interactive form shown in Input fields on the Viewimage    *Step by Step approach:** *  1. First step involve Context Designing and Layout Designing.      i. Context Design:         1. Go to the Context of the view and create node “Datasource”.         2. Add value attributes as required of the same type as there in the SAP              Interactive form. Eg:- If Customer Number is there in the SAP Interactive             Form of the type KUNNR, Create it with the same type in View Context.         3. In the context of the view, create an attribute ‘pdfsource’ of type XSTRING.    imageimage               ii. Layout Design:       1. Create Webdynpro component with a view for displaying the File Upload UI           element of ABAP Webdynpro.       2. Go the Layout of the view and insert an UI element ‘FileUpload’.       3. Insert Input fields in the View as required for executing BAPI for Sales Order          Creation.       4. Insert another UI element of type BUTTON.    image
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  1. Thomas Jung
    I have a couple of comments on your Upload Code Sample.  It appears to be taken exactly from one of the SAP supplied How-To Guides (also appears in several SAP presentations).  Your varaible names and even the comments appear exactly as in the original SAP documents.  When reusing other peoples’ work (even SAP supplied documents) you really should reference your source.

    Second – this coding approach is not necessarily even needed any longer in Web Dynpro ABAP.  If you switch your form displayType to native, the form will data bind to the Web Dynpro Context for you upon upload.  This is possible as of NetWeaver 7.0 SPS 10 (although for SPS10-SPS12 you must also apply OSS Note 1055738).

    1. Shruti Rathour Post author
      Since SDN is all about knowledge-sharing so my intention was just to share upload scenario which is not blogged on SDN. I just added my code for sales order creation scenario to the reusable SAP standard code explaining the logic.
      Still Thanks for your comments and suggestion about alternate solution.


    2. Saujanya GN
      Hi Thomas,

      I am trying to built a offline adobe interactive forms scenario.

      I am doing the upload functionality. I am able to see the uploaded form xstring data , but i m unable to view the form, as it throws a dump.

      I have searched SDN for this WD ABAP and forums, but didnt receive any reply yet.

      Can you please provide some pointers , on how should i display the uploaded form.


  2. Asif Hirani
    Hi shruti..

    its really a good blog that you have put up. I have one query related to this can we implement Mass upload of PDF’s in such scenario ? as we have similar sort of requirement where a person who does upload of PDF has many PDF’s to be uploaded so is it possible to implement mass upload feature ? we can Zip all PDF’s together to solve multiselect prob in browse UI

  3. Vinod Iyer
    Hi Shruti,
    Your blog is very good. I would like to know what coding must be done to upload multiple rows of recrods in table back to WDA.



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