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The goal of information broadcasting is to distribute the right information, in the appropriate format, to the right people, through different channels, at the right time.

With the BEx Broadcaster, you can precalculate queries, query views, Web templates, reports and workbooks and broadcast them by e-mail or to the portal. In addition to the precalculated documents in various formats (HTML, MHTML, ZIP and so on) that contain historical data, you can also generate online links.

Accessing the Broadcaster




The broadcaster can also be accessed via the Portal through the delivered BI Role.

You can determine the Scheduling for Information Broadcaster

  1. Based on a data change event triggered by a process chain.
  2. Based on a pre-defined time point.
  3. Freely definable scheduling.

Steps to Schedule Information Broadcaster based on a data change event triggered by a process chain

  • Create the Query in the Query Designer.
  • Execute the report in the BEx Web Analyzer.
  • Click on “Send” to create the settings for broadcasting.

  • The Broadcast Wizard takes you through a series of prompts where you supply the key information required to develop a broadcast. At any time you can leave the Wizard and use the standard settings dialogs which offer more settings.

  • Then schedule the broadcast. If you start the Broadcaster for a query (or template or workbook) that gets data from an InfoProvider that will be selected in the process chain, you can select the InfoProvider for Scheduling.

  • Create the process chain and include the event data change, include process type “Trigger Event Data Change (for Broadcaster), it’s available under “Load Process and Post -Processing”.

  • The Process Chain is created including the process types: (1) Start (2) Execute InfoPackage (3) Delta Data Transfer Process (4) Activate DSO (5) Trigger Event data Change.

  • When you create the Variant for the Event Data Change, using checkbox we can indicate when the Broadcast should trigger.

  • As soon as that InfoProvider is affected by a Process Chain, the Broadcasting is triggered.
  • After successful activation you can now schedule your chain. Press button “Schedule” or menu “Execution -> schedule”. The chain will be scheduled as background job. You can see it in SM37. You will find a job named “BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER”. Unfortunately every process chain is scheduled with a job with this name. In the job variant you will find which process chain will be executed. During execution the steps defined in RSPCPROCESSCHAIN will be executed one after each other. The execution of the next event is triggered by events defined in the table.  You can watch SM37 for new executed jobs starting with “BI_” or look at the protocol view of the chain.

  • You can monitor the Broadcaster from the SOST transaction.


  1. Depending on authorizations, end-users can schedule their Broadcasting Settings.
  2. Only for those queries which are checked "Execution with Data Change in the Infoprovider" while you schedule, will be triggered by process chain event.
  3. You may wish to refer the Note on Settings for Information Broadcasting- 760775
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  1. Former Member
    I am trying to publish my query results into OLAP Cache. My query is built on a Multi-provider. So, I have directly entered the Multi-provider name in the “Trigger Event data change process”. However, the process just doesnt pick up the Broadcast setting maintained for the query !

    Can you please help me here ?


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Mukund,
      You should be able to trigger. Where did you enter the Multi-provider name in the “Trigger Event data change process”? i dont find any option as such.
      All the settings created on Broadcaster that are related to the query will be triggered with the process chain automatically.
      Note: Make sure that you selected the “Execution with data change in the Infoprovider” in the schedule tab.
  2. Former Member
    It is useful but a “nornal” infoprovider is used to receive daily new data. Which mean receiving daily mail with new data. Users don’t like it much.

    However coupled with a “bursting email broadcast” it is really useful and depending on data can avoid flooding user’s mailbox imho.

  3. Former Member
    I’m looking for the following solution:
    We have one query and a userexit time-variable which delivers automatically year2date.
    Now the same query should be broadcasted with the following time-selection:
    every tuesday with [year to date]
    every monday with [pervious week]
    each one has it own view on the query.

    now how can I fill the userexit variable so the query is sent with the right selection at the right time, without generating several queries with different time-userexit-variables.

    Is it possible to check which view of the query was used?

    Thank you for response.

  4. Former Member

    There’s a default link in the mail. WIth this link it’s possible to go broadcasting to delete the users in the destination.
    Is it possible to not put this link in the mail.

    Best regards.

    Raphaël VINSON


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