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Part I – Introduction and motivation, presentation of the application
Part II – Creation of the J2EE project in SAP NetWeaver, adding GWT to the project
Part III – Creation of an EAR, deployment, creating a Portal IView
Part IV – Adding backend functionality, getting the current portal user
Part V – Adding AJAX user search 


OK, we’ve already reached the fifth part of this blog series and until now, our application doesn’t really do anything fancy. This will be changed with this blog entry (a little bit) as we will add ajax search capability to the user selection. To show you what we’re about to do, I’ve prepared a short video that demonstrates the new function. 


I’ve noticed that Internet Explorer may display a warning when displaying this site. This is because the video is hosted on a non-encrypted web-site. So if the video doesn’t work correctly, please reload the page and say “yes” when you’re asked if you want to display insecure content on this site. 

As you can see, we are about to add a function that reads text entered in an input field, searches the backend for corresponding user names and finally displays these in a drop-down box. As we’ve had a lot of preparation done in the first four chapters of this blog series, there isn’t a lot to add to our application to achieve this result.

As always, I’ve prepared the java files you need to add and replace into your project:

add the following file to your server/pcd directory:

replace the following file in your server directory:

replace the following files in your client directory:

I think the java code is rather self explanatory and therefore haven’t added a whole lot of documentation into the code. This will change in the next chapters as the backend code still to come is a little more complicated.

In any case: Don’t hesitate to ask if you’ve got any questions. I’m glad for every kind of feedback.

Tobias Braun, Burda Digital Systems GmbH, Offenburg, Germany
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      Hi Naga,

      thanks a lot for your feedback! It’s good to hear about your appreciation and hope, you got some new ideas out of my posts.

      Kind regards,

      P.S.: I know, the last part of this series is still missing, but unfortunately I absolutely don’t have the time right now for assembling it properly, so it may take quite some time until it will be posted (if ever…)


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