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We Enterprise Service Repository for CE 7.1 SR3 available! for you to try it. We even wrote about Installing ES Repository on CE – Part II. Now, we are creating a forum for you to post your questions, views and thoughts on the Enterprise Services Repository.


Based on the overwhelming response we have got so far towards the Enterprise Services Repository trial download version, we felt the need to capture the questions and queries that have come up around the subject in a forum rather than as comments on blogs and individual emails.


You can access the forum through this The specified item was not found..


Why a separate forum? Since ES Repository is now delivered as part of both PI and CE, we felt that having one dedicated forum will make sure that the wisdom of the crowds is not divided in two different locations.


So, what kind of questions can you post there? Here are some aspects of ES repository that can be addressed

  1. Installation – Why do I have to configure SLD while I am setting up the ES Repository?
  2. Evolution – What are the differences between the ES Repository and our good old Integration Repository?
  3. Features and functionalities – What are the ‘models’ that I define in ESR? Why are they useful?
  4. Configuration and usage – I want to set authorizations on who can edit the Service Interfaces I create. How can I do that?
  5. Relevance in the big picture – How is ES Repository related to the ES Bundles that are available in the SDN?
  6. Pain points or bugs – I have encountered this exception when I start the ESR. What could be the problem?
  7. Proposed Features and improvements – (your turn to give me a suggestion here 🙂

… and more!


Two quick guidelines

  1. Before you post a question, please check whether we have already documented the same in our Modeling and design home page (Enterprise Services Repository&Registry). From our side, we will constantly look at the questions that are coming up and supplement the existing knowledge gaps with blogs and articles.
  2. If you have a question on the Enterprise SOA Methodology, Standards or the ES Workplace, please refer to the forums under the category Enterprise SOA. Chances are that your question has already been answered there.

To kick-start the proceedings, we have posted all the sample questions mentioned above in the ESR forum. And in the true spirit of SDN forums, the first person to answer the question will be rewarded! 

So, do try out the Enterprise Services Repository, visit the forum and ask us your million dollar question!

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