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Part 3 of Blog Series: An in depth look at enterprise SOA : Service Implementation in ABAP.


You can generate both client and server proxies in ABAP to send or receive messages, client proxies are generated from outbound interfaces whereas server proxies use inbound interfaces. In this narrated recording, we will take the ManageVendor service interface (wsdl) that was modeled previously in the Service Modeling with the ESR and create a server proxy object, add the business logic (implementation) for the 2 methods Create_Vendor and Search_Vendor, and finally create a runtime configuration for the proxy using http basic authentication along with a quick test using WS Navigator.


Although I didn’t show it in the recording, it’s easy to create multiple endpoints for the same service definition to allow for different runtime behaviors.  Another nice feature that was not shown in the video is how easy it to regenerate the proxy if the modeled interface in the ESR were to change. The proxy interfaces and classes will be overwritten but the implementing class will remain intact so you don’t lose the code that you wrote. The last step is to use transaction WSPUBLISH to publish our web service (service definition and endpoint) to the Services Registry. We’ll cover more about the Services Registry later in this series as well as consuming services in ABAP and Java. We’ll feature creating Java server proxy next in the series.



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  1. Chan Jin Park

    can you check the recorded file’s expiry date. When I click for the view, it came out with

    Error – download expired
    Sorry, the file you want to download, is already deleted or the id is incorrect.

        1. Rabin Jay
          I am getting this error when clicking the link to see recorded video

          Error – download expired
          Sorry, the file you want to download, is already deleted or the id is incorrect

  2. p 2 5 6 9 6 0

    I was following the series of blogs on ESOA and came across this one. Unfortunately the Recording has expired.

    Could you please find time to upload the recording again?

    The series has been really good so far and I was hoping to listen in on this blog as well.

    Thank you very much.

    SAP Newbie


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