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We just finished the First Pilot of Community Project successfully concluded! and we were discussing ways to distribute the content more easily to a greater audience. We were also debating ways to make collaboration more acceptable for those who were interested in contributing.

Craig Cmehil made a suggestion that we take a look at ToonDoo. I found that the site quickly enabled individuals to create and publish cartoons and so-called “cartoon books”. Being as I have no drawing skills, I thought this site would be the ideal avenue to explore new distribution mediums.  There are others (See Ranjan Baghel’s An Enterprise’s Journey to Discovery (2) where he includes his own drawings of different characters in a BPX environment) who don’t need such artificial means and could and have created comics on their own.  But for me, it was perfect.  There is a great toolset to create comics with different characters, backgrounds, etc that is very easy to use.

The BPX in Action Cartoon Book

I decided to create a cartoon book based on the first script of our pilot where the BPX and the process owner meet for the first time to discuss a process improvement project. For the cartoon, I used the conversation from this script as a basis for the cartoons.


It was an interesting experience, because I found that I had to adapt the text to fit the comic strip medium. I also tried to make the conversations more funny to fit typical comic characteristics.

I ended up spending about two hours learning how to use the tool and to create my cartoon book. 

Marilyn Pratt just wrote a SAP – The Cartoon Network? about a contest that includes animating conversations that originate in BPX-related contexts.  With ToonDoo, everyone can create a BPX-based cartoon. Of course, a cartoon is not equal to animated short. So the contest is still valid.

I’d like to see others create SAP-related cartoons with this technology and post them on SDN/BPX. Everyone has funny stories. Now, you can longer can hide behind your horrible drawing skills as the excuse to not contribute to the community. 

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  1. Marilyn Pratt
    Thanks Craig for the suggestion and Dick for test driving and implementing at the speed of light.  I can just imagine you going back to all the dozens of scripts and illustrating them with this tool.  Makes it fun and entertaining and easy for those who are drawing challenged like myself.
    Cartoon Network SAP?

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