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Referential Integrity Check

Referential Integrity check is about validating InfoObject values against existing master data tables (SID tables) or against Data Store object. Referential integrity checks communication structures and Infopackages. Referential integrity is available with flexible updating for master as well as transactional data into a data target.

To validate entries on load against existing transactional values

We can define on which Object the Referential Integrity Check is to be performed on the InfoObject itself. Setup in the InfoObject Maintenance screen under Master Data/texts tab. 


The setting as to which object (master data table or Datastore object) should be checked against is done in the InfoObject itself. If an Datastore object is stored to check the characteristic values of a characteristic for the update and transfer rules, the valid values of the characteristic will not be provided by the master data of the characteristic but from the Datastore object. Validates data based on what appears in the Data Store object. 


By performing a selection in the Communication Structure this check can be defined for specific characteristic or for all characteristic. If the Referential Integrity flag is checked, that specific InfoObject is checked for referential integrity against the master data table or Datastore object. In this check, the value of every data record transferred in this field of the Communication Structure is checked for its validity. If a transferred value is not in the object being checked (Master Data or Datastore Object), system analyzes an error situation and cancels the loading process. To validate InfoObject values against Data Store object is setup on a Communication Structure level only for selected InfoObjects.  


Data gets validated after filling the communication structure and before filling the update rules.

To enforce Referential Integrity check for master data

While loading transactional data setup a setting in the Infopackage for having the master data checked for referential integrity.

The check for Referential Integrity can be used by choosing the option Always Update Data……..  at Infopackage level.

Loading data with referential integrity check, system will raise an error while loading data to load master data first. 


Referential Integrity check can be override by choosing the option Do not Update Data……  at Infopackage level.

Loading data in the data target without referential integrity check, system in that case will create a basic entry to load master data later on and only the P Table will be updated.

Referential Integrity checking provide specific error message. Error records are split into second request. 


With error handling functionality referential integrity can be checked within an InfoObject against the master data tables or Datastore Objects on a communication structure level.


Referential Integrity check fails, Package set to turn red. It could be set to green.


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