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Author's profile photo Marcelo Ramos

A Greener Future ?

Who Attend the SDN daily , either in the Sustainability & CSR, Blog or Wiki can see that debate related to the CSR is increasing and I am really happy about it!

This is good because we can learn more through the points of view of others too concerned about the issue.


The TED holds its annual conference, the subjects covered are really inspiring, i think everyone should take a look


Of all the topics discussed in TED what draws me most attention are those inspired in the environment


The environmental debate has traditionally been characterized as a conflict between economic progress and preservation of the planet. Most TED speakers, however, insist that we can have both – provided we’re smart about it.” 

Is hydrogen the future of fuel?
BMW believes hydrogen is the best bet for a carbon-free future. Dr. Klaus Topfer, former UN Director for Environmental Policy, explains why he thinks hydrogen is the future of fuel.

Ideas from our Sponsor

Al Gore on averting climate crisis



Alex Steffen sees a sustainable future



John Doerr sees salvation and profit in greentech




Your feedback is important, all SDNer’s have large capability to help change things in our world ! 


Important note: Do not print this document if it is not really necessary, “we will save paper, with that we will have less waste and as a result the trees will thank!” 

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      Author's profile photo Benny Schaich-Lebek
      Benny Schaich-Lebek
      At least I can tell you why BMW thinks hydrogen is the future: because it can be burned in a fuel engine that makes that nice sound of a BMW. On e-motors they will lose that unique selling point.

      With the latest development for silicon based lithium accumulators I bet more on e-motors.

      But anyways, that does not answer all the questions.

      Just funny to see this become a world wide issue all of a sudden while it was an issue in Germany since the 80's - tells me something about the power of marketing again....


      Author's profile photo Marcelo Ramos
      Marcelo Ramos
      Blog Post Author
      In 80's who were concerned about the emission of CO2 ?

      In the 80 was launched in Brazil the cars with alcohol(ethanol) engine, but almost nobody liked the idea, after the government reduce taxes for this type of vehicle the sales exceeded those cars with gas engine !

      I sincerely believe that the electric motor and the hydrogen engine are cleaner options that exist!

      But that should be accessible($) to all !


      Marcelo Ramos