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Versions of a Workflow

Like ABAP Programs in workflow, the system manages several versions of a workflow. One of the versions of a workflow is the active version

For version management, click on Basic data and check the version overview tab. Here you will found all versions.





New version of a workflow definitionFor generating the new version of workflow you choose Workflow –>Generate version.

The workflow definition is set to status new, saved; then activate it else it will be in inactive status.







In order not to increase the memory space requirements for workflow definitions excessively, you should only generate a new version under the following circumstances:

  • If you have made incompatible changes
  • If there are productive workflows running that refer to the current version.

Generating a runtime version of a workflow definition You can generate a runtime version without activating the workflow definition. To do this, choose Workflow –> Activate –> Generate runtime version.




Generating and activate runtime version  Workflow –> Activate –> Generate runtime version.




In last :

  • Features:
  1. When the Workflow Builder is started, the last processed workflow in the last processed version is displayed as standard. 
  2. When a workflow definition is saved, the old version is overwritten automatically. After being saved, the workflow definition has the status revised
  • Extra:
  1. The import and export parameters of the workflow container (the interfaces parameter) are not subject to any versioning.
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    • hi,
      thx for comment.
      “If a workflow definition is transported into another system, only the active version is transported. If the workflow definition exists in the target system with the same version number, it is overwritten by the transported version if it has no workflows running.
      Otherwise, the transported workflow definition is saved with a free version number. The transported workflow definition becomes the active workflow definition in the target system.”


      • Thats where i am facing issues. Versions gets transported but are in inactive stage and we had to open the production to activate it manually. This was not due to syntax error anyways.