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Two New SAP Mentors from the Business Objects Community

Please welcome two new additions to our very selective group of SAP Mentors. We are welcoming and embracing the Business Objects community on every level. Therefore we are happy that Brian Bischof and Ingo Hilgefort are our newest SAP Mentors. Ingo just came back from giving a two week training in Australia and Brian is using a wiki to improve his Crystal books.


I interviewed them both in the last two days. It was our first podcasts ever and I a must say it is something one has to do a couple of times to get used to.


Here are the links to the two podcast inteviews with Ingo Hilgefort and Brian Bischof.

Sometimes the connection dropped for just a couple of seconds, but in the most part it is quite good quality. Hope you like it.

It turns out that Brian has written a couple of Crystal books and was asked to update one of them with a chapter about SAP integration. Now Ingo has done exactly that, it would be cool if they would work together on that chapter. – I joked with them, that I am looking forward to a joined presentation at the next Community Day covering exactly that theme. That would just be too cool.

Ingo HilgefortBrian Bischop

The new SAP Mentors: Ingo Hilgefort and Brian Bischof

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  • I have personally got to work with both Brian and Ingo over the last number of years.  These guys are very strong technology leaders in their fields and good people to ask questions of.  When it come to the intersection of SAP and Business Objects, no one has as deep a knowledge as Ingo.  Brian has also been a strong leader in the field of reporting and has been an active part in supporting community thru what he has been doing over the last number of years.

    Thanks guys.

  • Having worked with Ingo on SAP integration with Crystal/Business Objects technologies for over 8 years now, I know he will excel at continuing to enhance the strong reputation of the SAP Mentors.

    Congratulations to both of you.