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SAP E-Recruiting

SAP E-Recruiting: – paving the way to future-oriented personnel management

The main rationale to write this blog is to make people aware about the SAP E-Recruiting Module,which offers organizations the recruiting management functions needed to locate appropriate talent, including intelligent electronic screening, filtering, sorting, and ranking.

Why SAP E-Recruiting?? 

  • Versatile and easy to use, the application not only opens new recruiting possibilities but also decisively strengthens the contribution that the recruiting function makes to your company’s overall competitiveness.
  • SAP E-Recruiting takes talent relationship management beyond organizational borders by creating a Talent Pool that serves as an effective sourcing channel that can help you develop early relationships with your potential workforce inside and outside your organization.
  • SAP E-Recruiting optimizes recruiters’ work patterns and increases their productivity and efficiency.
  • It provides sophisticated mechanisms for measuring and mapping recruiting efficiency.
  • Reduced administrative costs – Lower processing costs through self-service, workflow support and automated correspondence.
  • Improved alignment of recruitment with company strategy – Advanced analytics enable the demonstration of recruitment’s contribution to the company’s success.

Modes of SAP E-Recruiting


SAP Recruiting can be run in different three modes:


  1. Completely stand-alone.
  2. Stand-alone with integration into backend systems (HR, SAP BW)
  3. ERP installation (Recruiting as integral part of the ERP solution)

        — Reduced TCO due to simplified IT infrastructure.

        — Required for MSS Manager Role integration and ESS integration.


Functional Architecture – A completely Standalone Application


      Functional Architecture



Features –

     Features - An Overview

Features- An Overview

  • Talent Pools – By setting up a talent pool, you ensure that you not only identify the best possible candidate for a position from all potential candidates, but also that you are in a position to staff critical key positions in the long term and thus safeguard your company’s success in the future.


  • Talent Groups – Candidates are assigned to specific Talent Groups according to their Skills and expertise.

    Talent Groups


  • Talent relationship Management – Involves selection and identification of Candidates from Talent Pool, also carries out activities in Talent Groups like Sending out Company Newsletter, sending out new Job openings.


  • HR Integration – Supports importing position and job requirements from HR onto requisition, also    we can Import employee qualifications from HR into employee profile.



  • Rate and Rank Applications – The recruiter rates the incoming Applications on the basis of a Questionnaire prepared for the same. This information is then passed on to the Manager for Ranking the Candidates.


  • Succession Plan – We can maintain the profiles of candidates as well as rank them as potential successors also mentioning the Time frame expected.

    Succession Plan



The basic workflow flows like this for a new recruitment –



      Manager Self Services                              E-Recruiting 
 Step 1) Requests New “RequisitionRequest”,and sends it to E-Recruitment

 Step 2) Creates New Requisition, based on certain criteria that should be fulfilled by a candidate as desired by Manager.

   Step 3) The Job Posting to be published is
 Approved, and then published in Intranet, Internet and even Magazines.
     Step 4) After the Application entry dates have closed, the Recruiter selects the list of desired candidates from the Talent Pool existing as well as received  Applications.
 Step 5- B) Candidates are ranked based on their performance in Questionnaires by Managers.  Step 5) Candidates Applications are ranked based on their performance in Questionnaires. (Managers also Play part in ranking Candidates).
   Step 6) Interviews conducted for Selected Candidates. The record for the candidates who are not slected is stored in Talent Pool.


This Workflow shows that how candidates are recruited through SAP E-Recruitment.

In the end i would like to summarize by saying that ,

SAP E-Recruiting ensures that you drive up-to-date human resources management, by proactively maintaining contact with applicants, potential candidates, and consequently, with your employees.




To know more about SAP E-Recruiting, check out –

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