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Networking + Social = Beer

UPDATED!, this is now being hosted and sponsored by SAP and will be held in Walldorf Building 3 – please be sure to RSVP to get on the list!!  

OK did my title or the little “description” get your attention – why are you reading this? Is it because you are wondering what cool new bit of news I’m about to lay down on you? Well I did not lie in the title, sure I hoped it would get your attention but it’s certainly no lie.

I’ll explain the whole thing, it’s only 3 words right?

Social – we want to get together with everyone as often as possible and since the entire SDN and BPX Community and Collaboration team will actually be in Walldorf, Germany the week of February 4 (yes Gali and Yael from Isreal, Marilyn from the East Coast of the US, Mark from the West Coast of the US and me and Michael from Germany) as well as many others from the Content team and a few other groups (possibly even our Solution Management office) we figured what better chance to have a small evening out at the Marktstube in Walldorf? It’s quickly become a tradition of ours I guess we always seem to pick that one.

Networking – with us there and you coming it’s also the perfect chance to say hi, get to know one another AND meet the other folks living right in your own backyard.

Beer – it’s a bar with good food and it’s in Germany (come on folks – Germany!!) so of course there is beer. We’re not picking up the tab we just want to go out and have fun with everyone and enjoy things a bit.

There are two ways of attending this event and PLEASEEEEEE let me know ASAP if you are coming I have to call and tell them how many people we are or I might have to find another location. 

  • For those who are in Facebook – click here and RSVP
  • For those who are on UpComing then click here and RSVP
  • COMMENT to this blog or EMAIL me!

So February 6 starting at 6:00pm or there about.

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  • Craig:

    You know I will love to be there…But Germany is a little bit far for me -:) So my best wishes to the team and have a lot of fun -:D

    P.S: I expect some pictures on Flickr -;)



    • Then come “fashionably” late.  It says 6-10pm.  Last week I went to a SXSW meetup in NYC and arrived on time and….no one was there yet (it got jammed about an hour into the event which was only 2 hours long)  We’ll need to add you to the list, so welcome if you are coming :-).  I’m assuming this is your RSVP
  • Hi Craig,

    I told you that I will come to this event on wednesday, but I miss an “I’ll be there banner!” as I know it from TechEd. 😉

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Community,

    Don’t forget that you can meet most of us: Craig, Marilyn, Gali, Michael, Yael, … tonight at SAP in Walldorf.

    We start it at 6pm in Building 3 B5.03. (Not in the cafeteria as I previously thought). If you read that and are in the vicinity, please swing by.

    Please comment here if we don’t have you on the RSVP list yet, so that we can inform the receptionist to let you in. All SAP employees please use your card to get in.

    Looking forward to see you tonight, Mark.