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Thinking and Running CSR


There is enough food in the world to feed everyone … yet   854 million people know what it’s like to go to bed hungry.

Do you know how many people close to you go through   this?

WFP Food in the World

Check on Hunger in the Developing   Worldpage


What have you done to help those living in this situation?


Maybe you don’t have much time for this kind of thing, but I believe it’s   possible to assimilate our professional and family activities with citizenship related activities.


Every day I see intelligent people creating several how-to, persistent people   who insist on learning new things, often using the created HOW-TO, creative people that create new solutions that help us   daily, people who are reference in some areas, stimulating and encouraging others to participate in various activities. And   finally smart people who endeavor to the maximum, often using alternative ways to accumulate points and then win their   t-shirts.


Why not use all these skills to help expand the Food for Points, certainly the SDNer’s will   not receive their shirts but they will overcome this difficult moment when studying see a child studying after food.


If we all unite with the same desire to learn, teach, create and win shirts,   we could improve things around us!


How about we start 2008 thinking CSR, creating more (CSR)   how-to and “running” CSR ?


– Reduction in the deforestation of forests;

– Decrease the emission of CO2 in the   atmosphere;

– Depollution of water (the most precious item on earth);


– Child Education

– Feeding programs

– Reduction of the indices of illiteracy;

– End of child labour;


– Training of needy people for the job market;

–   Looking closely whether the politician you have voted are doing what was promised during the campaign;

– Checking the public spending to prevent or reduce corruption;

– …


Don’t know where to begin ?


Make as Three little words – ‘Change the world’,   Food for Points, A New CSR Area? – Who Needs It?, Jim Spath, 2008 – the year when CSR becomes reality?, Reuse Recycleand many others.

See, and share these   informations with others.

CSR and Sustainability

SAP Feeding Knowledge

Corporate Social Responsibility


Many   may still feel that this is not important, but if depend on me subjects like poverty, illiteracy, pollution, waste of natural   resources, deforestation and etc, will be addressed when possible, through a direct approach as the Wiki page   SDN School Feeding

SDN School Feeding 


 or indirectly as Marcelo Ramos Profile, ABAP Objects, SAPChess.






 ABAP Objects



WFP school meals encourage hungry children to attend school and help them concentrate on their   studies

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