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Environment Topics in FPN Part 2: Themes

Environment Topics in FPN Part 2: Themes

When integrating content into our portal, we’ve come to expect a seamless integration. The same applies for remote content. This means that we would like to see the same look and feel for the remote content as we do for the local content.In most cases, FPN simply reuses that same mechanism that allows this theme integration. For example, when running a WebDynpro Java iView, the theme is sent as a request parameter so the WebDynpro runtime on the producer knows how to render the content. But what happens when there are different versions of the style sheets? Well, the version is also sent as a request parameter.In general, the LAFService tries to use the consumer’s style sheets; however, if the version is older than the producer’s, it tries to use the same theme as the producer. So what if I’m using a custom theme that is not available on the producer? Then the LAFService tries to use the default sap-tradeshow theme.Does this mean I can’t use my custom theme? No, it doesn’t. What you can do is export your theme from the consumer and import it into the producer.

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  • Hi,

    What we are seeing in large portal installation is that several distinct application are developed by separate teams and integrated into a common information architecture.
    The preferred architecture is to separate the applications in (a) separate SAP NetWeaver Portal installation and use portal federation for integration.

    However, these applications often have strong design focus, and sometimes they need to overwrite some of the settings of the main portal theme (ie. have a new theme).

    Are there any plans to overwrite the default behavior and always use the producer theme in FPN?

    (I would also like to see the possibility of overwriting themes in all iViews, now we have to hack it. But thats probably not your table)

    Dagfinn Parnas
    SAP Mentor

    • Hi,

      There are no current plans to develop this functionality. However, given sufficient customer requirements, I’m certain this could be implemented.

      Best regards,

      • Hi,

        I would also like to have this functionality! The main problem from our point of view is the version difference between the consumer and producer portals in an FPN landscape. You simply can’t keep the consumer (the corporate portal) always up to date, because it is the central point of the infrastucture and must be rock solid. Or an other example: you can’t upgrade the corporate portal to 7.1 to integrate an 7.1 portal, because not all functionality is available in 7.1…

        The simplest and best solution would be not to overwrite the sap-cssurl in the application parameters, if there is one defined there!