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*Characters:*   Incoming Message: Arthur Details(Restrictions):Ford Validation class: Vogons the bureaucratic Aliens Message Mapping: Legendary Planet of “Magrathea” the final destination   *Prologue:*    The plot is set (Validations using Java for those not having PI7.1  (Validations using Java for those not having PI7.1)-Till Step4) Arthur is on its way with Ford to testify for their validity in front of the Bureaucratic Vogons…and they have to win in order to reach the final destination- Legendary Planet of Magrathea.    image
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  1. Former Member
    … first of all, I like the way you tried to make your blog a little different…
    … second, I’m not sure what you code will do if you have a little more complex Schema definitions. Will it be able to handle a Schema that has the same element names twice at different places in the hierarchy correctly?
    1. Former Member Post author
      Thanks Peter, “The Hitchhiker..” is a good book to read hence this is the effect 🙂
      Yes the code will work even for multiple occurence of the same element in the hierarchy.
      As the logic is to get each node in the message(using node functions in xml parsing e.g. getNextSibling(),hasChildNodes() etc.) and find its attributes based on the available schema(xsd).


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Gopal,
      Sorry for late reply
      Have you done all the required steps that are mentioned in my previous blog?(Validations using Java for those not having PI7.1)
      If yes, can I know where you are testing your code?
      I suggest you to try it first in Test tab.
      If you are testing it in Test tab you need to fill in the runtime parameters as well- as they are being used in the code.
      Moreover I hope the you have mentioned the location of the logfile properly.
      I would be interested in knowing the way you are fetching the source schema against which you are going to validate your xml.
      From your description I can see that you want to validate your source xml- hence the location of the java code in interface mapping is first in the queue and then comes your message mapping.

      Now if you have seen my previous blog as I mentioned above.. mentions about a few more restrictions on the structure of the data type..
      I hope you follow all the steps to make it work..
      I know making this code does not come cheap!!
      But you can mend it according to your own ideas and make it more flexible.. My idea is to show how this can be done..




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