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Setting up KM Notification process


In the last few days I have seen many threads asking about implementing the KM notification process. I faced this requirement last year and thought of sharing my knowledge with the help of this blog. My objective behind this blog is to present the knowledge about KM notification process steps and procedure in a simpler and practical way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Before we go into the process lets refresh our concepts a bit:

Repository Manager: A repository manager basically is a converter type application which converts a document in any format coming from an information source to the RF format and vice-versa. You can get more knowledge about repository managers and repository framework here.

KM notification process: Consider a scenario; we have a site like SDN. When a user has to publish a blog he/she can upload it in a repository (blog). To maintain the quality of information on the site the document goes through certain checks and then it is approved and finally published. We configure the KM notification process to achieve this workflow.

To implement the KM notification process for a repository we have to configure a document approval process for it. This blog will help you implement the Document approval and KM Notification process step by step.


  • You have a repository existing in KM for uploading your documents.
  • You have the System Admin role.                               

Step 1 – Configuring the Repository manager

Firstly, we should configure our repository manager so that it supports the KM notification process. For approval process we need the State Management service to be enabled for the repository. This service allows us to process each document as per its state because a document can be in various states during its lifecycle like new, in progress, approved etc.Go to System Admin—>System Config—>KM—>Repository Manager—>Your repository type and open repository for editing.

Below image shows how we can enable this service by ticking the check box against the service name in repository manager configuration.

Enabling Statemanagement Service


In addition to this you must have two more services enabled for your repository those are:properties and svc_acll. The state management service requires these two services.

This makes our repository ready for the approval and notification process.

Step 2 – Configuring the document approval process

Now, we have to implement the approval process for our repository. In this example the repository is Invoices_Vgroup1. Go to Content_Admin –àKM Content -àInvoices_Vgroup1. Go to its details as shown in below image.

Going to the details.

 A new window will open, let us call this new window as Window1 go to Settings —>Approval (you will see this option only if you have enabled the services mentioned in step1). On selecting approval another window will open where we will create steps for approval process.

Select the option Add Step to add a step in the approval process. As shown in the image below:

Adding approval steps

Here we will add the steps for document approval process.  The approver for the step is designated after this. Click on the Select button and choose the user as shown in the image below. We can also select approver by writing the login name in the textbox. Click Add Approver to Step button after selecting user.

Adding the Approver

We can designate a single approver or multiple approvers for a step and can have as many steps as required. These approvers will get a UWL task in their in boxes whenever a new document is placed in the repository. In case of multiple approvers, approval from only one of them is required to approve the document.  Approval at one step causes the document to move to next approval step. On approval or rejection a Notification is sent to the approver of the last step.

Here I want to make a note that in case of multiple approvers the notification will be sent only to the user who has approved in the last step and not to all approvers.

 After final approval the document is published and everyone can view it.

To restrict the access to a document under approval process we must configure the access permissions and the service permissions also. These permissions guide the   access and type of operations one can perform on a document under approval. Go to window1 and go in

Settings—>Permissions to set the permissions. Please have a look at the image below:

Setting the permissions

We need to give Full Control to approvers. The configurator will get full control by default. Similarly we have to set the service permissions for the concerned users. To set these go to Service permissions inside Settings in Window1. I have given full control to all approvers and authors. You can decide on the permissions as per your requirement.

Step 3 – Testing the configuration

Now, we have done all the required configurations. We will now test the configuration by putting a document in the Invoices_Vendor1 repository. The author has to carry out these steps to initiate the approval process.

  • Upload the document in the repository.
  • Right click on the document and go to Details–>Approval—>Click Set in Progress.

       Putting document in progress.

  • Go again in Details—>Approval and click Submit for Approval.


Step 2 is required only if you have uploaded the document in repository. If you create a document in the repository it is automatically in ‘In progress’ state.

On putting the document in the repository a UWL task will be created in the inbox of user who is approver for step1. We can see our task in the approver’s inbox that means our work is done. 


Seeing the task in UWL



So, we have configured the KM Notification process successfully. The purpose of this blog is to make the beginners and non-portal users understand this process easily and quickly



I wish this blog serves its purpose. As, this is my first blog I need everyone’s guidance to make it better next time.  




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  • Thank you for the blog.

    1.Is it possible to send emails when a certain document is to be approved by a specific user?

    2. Is it possible to drive some reporting out of this as to how long it takes to approve documents for a specific time period?

    We are looking to replace Lotus Domino functionality with NW portals and the above are a prerequisite.

    • Hi Srini,
      Thanks for your comment!

      I am alo posed wid some what same requirement.

      There is a setting in KM where u can configure how to send a notification on approval. It is somewhere in Sys Admin–>Sys Config–>KM-Repository managers.

      I am sorry i am not knowing it exactly and presently do not have a portal system as i am on leave.

      PLz excuse me but wil reply surely wen i am back in office


    • Hi Srini,

      I am very sorry for the late reply!

      Please have a look at this thread for ur first question.
      /community [original link is broken]


    • Hi Srini,

      Please have a look at this thread.

      I hope it helps.

      PLease revert back with issues.

      /thread/302232 [original link is broken]


  • Hi Srini,

    I am sorry for giving a wrong link.

    PLease have a look at this thread.
    /thread/302232 [original link is broken]

    I hope it helps.

    Please responde if u have solved the issue or u have issues.


    • Hi Gurpreet,

      I am glad that you found my blog relevant.
      I will be happy to help you.

      Usually a notification goes only to the approver of previous step.

      Please  see this thread:
      /thread/826057 [original link is broken]

      I hope it helps. 🙂