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Project Atlantic Announced: Lotus Notes Integration with SAP

*Update: Release announcement see below *

Some good things take a long time coming but they’re worth the wait.  Today’s announcement is a welcome move for SAP customers around the world committed to Lotus Notes as their groupware platform.
The first release will come with all manner of out-of the box capabilities to enable the manager in particular, but also those companies’ employees with access to Lotus Notes, to perform standard business activities from the comfort of their Lotus Notes environment. So the manager can research trends using the latest internal business reports or make approvals while the employee can trigger their approval processes or track their status. The first release will offer very useful basic capabilities, saving time, frustration and of course leading to better decisions, less redundancy and more transparency.

Of course, not every customer has the same business focus or priorities and this is reflected in the SAP customizing, be it in the customizing settings, or some other means – no two customer installations are identical.  This is difficult to take into account in third party software integration so the really good news is that developer extensions will be supported in the initial Release of this joint SAP/IBM product.

In fact , Lotus Notes installations have always been a hot-bed of activity for Lotus Notes developers extending the standard capabilities to the customer’s requirements in any number of directions so it really is good news that this product will enable the same sort of flexible adaptation at the customer site from the very first release

And that is why I say, on behalf of SDN,

      A warm welcome to all Lotus Notes Developers 🙂

Welcome to SDN, welcome so the world of SAP and welcome to the new opportunities that this will open up for you.

So if you’re new to SAP – now is the time to get familiar with SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver and all the capabilities that the platform offers. It’s time to get prepared.


Update: The project code-name “Atlantic” mentioned above has now been announced for release in March 2009 as the product Alloy

Alloy: Bonding SAP with Lotus Notes

Public website:

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  • When it is planned to connect over Atlantic-solution to the SCM 5.0? – Our customer want to build up the Duet 1.0-Solution for SCM 5.0-Demand Planning, but his main eMail-System is Lotus Notes! – So Atlantic could be a greater solution. Can you give me same informations?

    Best Regards, Ralf

  • In the past I did lot of development with Lotus Notes and I was really enthusiastic about the collaboration and document management possibilities of the Notes Client and architecture. But there was always a gap between these functions and the real business needs of the companies. After all I landed in the world of NetWeaver Portal where the gap is less than in the notes world.

    Well, Lotus Notes is an awful tool when it is used only for e-mails. But with an office integration which was overdue (Lotus Symphony) and the pseudo Duet stuff with SAP it could become a real powerful application with years of good prospects.

    We will see…