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Pimp my SAP Portal

Imagine the impossible. Multiply it by 100 and you’ll be pretty much very close to how I was feeling when I got the idea of doing it. So now that it’s ready, just make it work for you too:) Here is the video. Please use IE when opening the video. Enjoy!

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    • Hi Guillaume,

      As I mentioned in the blog you have to use Internet Explorer. For unknown reason it doesn’t work with Firefox.

      Best regards and enjoy the video,
      Todor Petrov

  • Hi,

    as the title already says I only get a 404. IE only? So we Mac and Linux lovers are left alone in the dark and can’t appreciate your work?

    Well, ok

    • Hi Oliver,

      well it’s not me who uploads and manages the video. I am only its creator. Please report the 404 to the SDN Team. You can find their e-mail at the bottom of the page “Contact us”.
      Thanks again for reporting it.

      Let me know what you think of the video if you manage to get it working.

      Todor Petrov

  • I just downloaded the video file via the link in the io right nav of zthis blog. So there is no need to tart IE just for this.

    And: Nice work, looks really cool.

  • First, very nice blog. Thank you.

    Is there a way to trim those extra javascript/css files in the  section. Particularly this stuff:


    I mean no matter how light the page is, you always get those HTMLB related content, and its not as light as it can be. I understand the workarrounds/tradeoffs to these, (ex. minification, expires header, etc..)

    My question is how can we get rid of them in the first place. Even your company website has those scripts/css.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    • Hi Adam,

      yes there is a way to remove those too by using the com.sapportals.portal.prt.util.html.HtmlDocument class and its subclasses. Take a look in the javadoc files and you should find additional information regarding the topic.

      Take care,