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CRM 40 to 52 Upgrade Early Impressions

How did we start?

We took our CRM 40 development system and copied it to a sandbox system.  This sandbox system was transformed from a 32bit non-unicode system to a 64-bit unicode system before the actual 52 upgrade. 

Scope of evaluation?

Our goal was to take and see how much would be broken/usable in the new webclient UI.  We were expecting most of our previous PCUI customizations to be missing.  However could we still do basic “standard” SAP CRM processes post upgrade.  In addition we want to see how the standard processes would be performed in the new UI.

Initial areas of pain

1.  SGEN, SGEN, and SGEN

Do not even attempt to try out your new system, until this is done. 

2.  Security

You will need to have all your security adjusted and added before you can get started.

3. Don’t use the delete option for views in the UI workbench

If you use the delete on a enhancement of standard view, it can and will delete the delivered SAP view object.

4. EEWB for Business Partner beware.

Read note 757955 if you want to avoid short dumps if you created any table extensions with the EEWB for the business partner.

5. Understanding the new UI concepts

If you haven’t done any work with the IC webclient then your learning curve is going to be very steep.  Learning how to do extensions in the IC webclient on a earlier release CRM 40 or CRM 52 will prepare you for learning the new web UI.  Luckily we did some IC webclient work in our 40 system, so the new UI concepts aren’t completely foreign.


After going through the initial pain points we were able to get our system up and running in relatively quick amount of time  We are now starting the UI configuration and process adjustment.  We will cover in another blog, our UI/process configuration issues. 

CRM 52 screenshot

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  • Stephen,
    The upgrade findings you provided are very useful for clients who are in the verge of CRM upgrade.

    Do you think it would have same impact on CRM 5.0 to 5.2( or 2007) upgrade?


    • The only point that was CRM 4.0 specific was the OSS note 757955.  If you started out on 5.0 then it doesn’t apply.

      The upgrade is more of a technical upgrade + partial new implementation.  My next goal to start protoyping “as-is” processes in our sandbox.  Only then will I see all the issues/differences that we will have coming from our 4.0 system.

      Take care,


      • Hi Stephen,

        We are currently contemplating implementing the Web Shop under 4.0, prior to a potential CRM 2007 upgrade. You don’t mention it in your blog, but have you had any experiences with an upgrade of a Web Shop from 4.0 to 5.2 ?

        Many thanks!

        Michael Koch

        • Michael,

          We aren’t running a webshop here, so I can’t comment on the issues.  As I have mentioned elsewhere you might want to purchase the OKP for CRM 2006s/2007 to get a better feel of the differences.

          Take care,